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All Unwritten prompt # 583

all_unwritten is a daily writing community where writers respond to prompts. I've been participating in this community for a little over a year. These are random snippets of my favorite characters, David and Chris, as they work through the issues that confront them.


as an afterthought

He escaped into the kitchen, stood for a moment at the counter collecting his thoughts. Chris was the one who loved these soirees, David suffered them to keep the peace. On a night like tonight however, he longed for the peace of just the two of them in the insular world they'd created.

"David? What's keeping you?"

Boisterous voices, feuled by one too many drinks. He took a deep breath. "Be there in two shakes..."

He moved by rote, bowls, ice cream, whipped cream. Usually this crowd watched their girlish figures, but not tonight. As an afterthought he plopped a bright red cherry on top of Chris's dish of chocolate ice cream.

The voices were louder when he emerged. Jibes that ice cream and beer didn't mix, cries of delight at the unexpected treat....and then the whisper.

"What say we call this an early night baby..."

He watched as Chris picked up the cherry and put it into his mouth. He shivered, and nodded his head, realizing that his afterthoughts were more deliberate than he'd imagined.