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I hear voices in my head...

That's a wrestling reference, for anyone who cares. Oddly enough though, it's true...I have so many voices in my head right now I'm afraid it's going to explode.

I teach elementary school for a living. Currently I'm dealing with a lot of unrelated issues at school. I found, later in life as it happens, that I really like kids. Not so much that I wanted a passel of my own (I only have one, and he's an adult now)...but I think I make a good advocate for children. So it really pains me to see teachers put their own needs above those of their students, and it troubles me when school politics get in the way of ensuring these kids get a good education. It's had me holed up in my classroom for over a month now, so that I feel like a hermit.

Being holed up though gives those voices a lot of time to come out of the woodwork. And the added stress makes me search for other ways to relieve stress, since writing seems to be relegated now only to Saturdays.

One thing I've done to unwind is to start reading again. I'm working at Outlander now, for about the fourth time I reckon. I truly love that story. Reading it last night I was struck with such a vivid scene for the sequel to The King's Tale. Sometimes when these scenes strike I'm left weak in the knees at the realness of them.

I can't work on The King's Heart right now though, so the scene went into the notes, and lingered to send me to a sweet sleep.

In the mean time, I've now been struck with a major change for Promises and Lies, the contemporary story I'm bound and determined to finish before going back to Christopher and Dafydd. This new radical plot change had me smiling all the way to work. I think it's really going to turn out for the best.


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Nov. 18th, 2009 09:12 pm (UTC)
Rowena, the only thing worse than voices in your head is...not having voices in your head! I sympathize....

And I honor you for your commitment to the kids. Teachers are the most important people we have, next to the parents, but parents seem to have forgotten that.
Nov. 18th, 2009 11:51 pm (UTC)
Oh Jenna I totally agree...when those voices go silent (and every once in a while they do, all of them) I mourn for the loss. But, at least you "get" how distracting they can be :)

Thank you...not very many people understand that. We live in a society that values actors and professional athletes more than teachers...but I truly do enjoy what I do (even though 6th grade grammar makes my head explode!)
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