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Silent Night excerpt!

The Dreamspinner Press 2009 Advent Calendar, Mistletoe Madness, is live today! Stories are now available individually, or as a zip file.

"Silent Night" is a short story, but here's a little excerpt to whet your appetite.

This excerpt is not from one of the "explicit" passages...but there's a few bad words.

A blizzard hits Detroit, and Jonah and Max, teammates on an independent wrestling promotion, find themselves stranded on Christmas Eve. Max has a steady mate at home, but he's longed for Jonah for years, so he's going to take this chance and prove to Jonah that he thinks he's a lot more than a muscle-bound pretty face.

The ice clinked in the glass again as Max retrieved his glass and swallowed the rest of the drink. "You mean to tell me a young stud like you doesn't 'have' anybody?" He chuckled as he set the empty glass on the table.

Jonah rolled his head to the side, one eyebrow rising. "Me? The whore of the locker room? Have someone?" He snorted and looked back up at the ceiling. "Hardly."

Max frowned. "Whore of the locker room? What are you talking about?"

"Me, Max, I'm the whore. Want a quick blowjob? Go see Bratton. Quick tumble, I’m the man. Everybody knows it." Jonah downed the rest of the shot and sat up to reach for the bottle again.

Quick as lightning, Max's hand shot out and caught Jonah's wrist. Gently, he pried the bottle from his hand and set it aside. "I'm not on the circuit anymore, remember? It was someone's idea of a joke to send me to this show, or maybe someone putting me in my place. When I showed up they all of a sudden didn't need my comedy shtick that's why I cooled my heels in the back while you wowed 'em all with your death defying stunts. I'm a washed-up has-been Jonah Bratton, two steps away from being booted out on my ass." He continued to hold Jonah's wrist loosely in his hand. "But I've never thought of you as a whore though, not by any means."

Jonah's eyes welled with tears, and he looked away as he pulled his hand back. "Then you must be the Lone Ranger man."

Max sighed in frustration, and he sat back on the couch, running a hand through his short hair. "Look son, I was your age once. I know it's rough." A muscle tensed in his jaw. "Wish I was there when they tried that shit, because believe me, I'd like to set a few of them assholes straight about a few things."

Jonah remained silent, but Max could see his shoulders shook just a little. The soft spot in his heart, the one he had to keep hidden from Seth lest he be tormented about it, grew and he could feel Jonah's anguish. At last, Jonah raised a hand to his face, and Max watched as he struggled to regain his composure.

"They don't want to be set straight though," Jonah mumbled at last. "They've been doing it forever." He turned red-rimmed eyes on Max. "Wouldn't much appreciate having their fun squelched." He shrugged. "I can handle it though." His cheeks quivered a little as he smiled. "I'm damn good at it, so they don't give me a bad time. Hell, sometimes they even pay me."

Max's eyes closed, and he gritted his teeth. "It ain't right Jonah; no one should be treated that way."

"Forget about it, I shouldn't have said anything." Jonah sighed and sat up straight in the chair. "I just, well," he paused, biting on his lip for a moment, "I guess I just envy what you have with Seth."

"It ain't what it looks like," Max said. Immediately after, soft color stained his cheeks and his eyes fluttered open. "I mean, fuck. I guess I shouldn't have said anything either. Seth's been bitter ever since I.E.W. let him go with best wishes on his future endeavors."

Jonah grinned over at him ruefully. "Well we make a lovely pair then huh? Christmas Eve, we're in the armpit of the world, and we're making asses of ourselves with each other."

Before he could stop them, the words were out of Max's mouth, "Couldn't think of anyone I'd rather do it with though."

What happens next? Find out here!