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New Year's Eve

I bring you a little tale for New Year's Eve. "Silent Night" was the daily dose on the day before Christmas Eve, and so I bring you this small extension to the story on the day before New Year's Eve.

"Silent Night" blurb:

A blizzard hits Detroit, and Jonah and Max, teammates on an independent wrestling promotion, find themselves stranded on Christmas Eve. Max has a steady mate at home, but he's longed for Jonah for years, so he's going to take this chance and prove to Jonah that he thinks he's a lot more than a muscle-bound pretty face.

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Sand Angels

"Jesus Jonah, I didn't expect you'd try to kill me off so fast," Max rasped, his fingers white on the door handle. "Slow down ain't in your vocabulary, is it?"

Jonah spared Max a look, then turned the wheel hard, satisfied when Max clutched the door tighter. "Live in the moment Max," he said, "fear is for wimps."

The road straightened out, and Max settled back in his seat. "I live in the moment just like the next guy," he said, "I just like mine without the spice of being scared shitless." He reached into his pocket and took out his phone, fiddled with the buttons.

"He hasn't called you yet, has he," Jonah said as he turned to look at Max's silhouette.

"Keep your eyes on the road son," Max said.

Jonah scanned the road ahead, and without warning he turned the wheel hard to the right. Gravel arced from under the wheels as the car spun into a turnout along the side of the road, and lurched to a stop.

"You sayin' I don’t know how to drive old man, huh?" Jonah yanked up on the hand brake and turned the key, cutting the engine.

"What the fuck?" Max twisted sideways in his seat, "don't put words in my mouth youngster."

Smiling lazily, Jonah leaned back in his seat, "Just messin' with you Max." He watched out of the corner of his eye as Max hunched forward and fiddled with the phone again as he mumbled obscenities. "You didn't answer my question."

"Fuck," Max said, and he shoved the phone back in his pocket, "figured that was obvious."

Jonah edged his hand across until it touched Max's, "I was trying my hardest to take your mind off it Max," he said softly.

"Aw hell son," Max said as he took Jonah's hand in his. "I only want him to call me so I can tell him to fuck off." His smile was warm, "After spending this week with you, the sooner I see the back of him the better."

The warmth that spread through Jonah showed as his cheeks pinked, and he sat up straighter. "We got a tradition around here," he said, "wanna see it?"

Max gripped Jonah's hand tighter, and pulled him close for a kiss, "Show me."

Laughing, Jonah released Max's hand and got out of the car. He waited for Max to join him, took his hand again, and led him down a small worn path toward the beach.

"It's really something we do for Christmas Eve, but seeing as how we were stuck in Detroit I saved it for New Year's Eve," Jonah said. "Me 'n Mason, Shan and Goose used to come down here every year."

"Long as we're back at your place before it gets dark," Max said. "I'd like for New Year's Eve to be a lick better than Christmas Eve."

Jonah stopped, and pulled Max closer. "You said lick." He leaned in closer for a kiss and said, "And hush up about Christmas Eve, I wouldn't have traded that in for the world. Goes right up there on the top of my stack of Christmas memories."

Max pulled Jonah into a hug, and dipped in for another kiss, and then whispered, "You're gonna be part of my Christmases for years to come kiddo."

Laughter bubbled up, and Jonah stepped back. Keeping his eyes locked with Max, he squatted down, then lay flat on his back. "Move back Max, you're in my way."

Puzzled, Max stepped back and watched as Jonah began to move his arms and legs, up and out several times. Realization dawned just as Jonah sat up, then carefully stepped out of the sand angel he'd created.

"Your turn," Jonah said.

Max walked around and carefully stood at the base of Jonah's angel, then he eased back on the sand, making an angel that was a mirror image of Jonah's. As he sat up he reached into his pocket and extracted his vibrating phone. He carefully extricated himself from the angel and walked a few paces away before answering the phone.

Jonah stood staring down at the angels; hands sunk deep in his pockets. The look on Max's face had communicated that it was Seth on the other end. His flippant words about fear being for wimps came back to haunt him. He knew Seth, and he knew that Seth had a way of getting what he wanted, and in spite of what Max said there was the fear that this would be good bye.

"Maybe you are a wimp Jonah Bratton," he murmured to himself. Putting his body on the line didn't scare him, but putting his heart on the line was a completely different story. He turned away from the angels and gazed out across the gray ocean.

Arms encircled his waist, and the warmth of Max's breath on his cheek brought him out of his reverie. Jonah held his breath. Max turned and pressed his lips against the shell of Jonah's ear.

"How many angels is tradition," he asked.

Jonah turned, searched Max's face for answers he couldn't find. "Just one per person."

Max smiled, "Good then we can split."

A lump formed in Jonah's throat, and he murmured, "You in a hurry?"

Reaching for Jonah's hand Max smiled, "I believe there was a promise of licking?"

"You're not…going home?"

"No son, you're wrong," Max said, "I am going home. With you."

Instead of dissipating, the lump in Jonah's throat grew as fear was replaced with hope. "Seth," he whispered.

"Ancient history kiddo," Max said.

Jonah released Max's hand and flung both arms around his neck so hard they toppled over into the sand. He rolled on top of Max and bent down for a kiss.

"Easy Jonah," Max said, "didn't I just get done telling you I wanted a bed for New Year's Eve?"

Jonah smiled, "You'll get your bed after we make one more angel."

"You said tradition was one per person."

"Mmm hmm," Jonah said, "but this year let's make a new tradition." He rolled down beside Max.

There, at the apex of the first angels, they made another one. Together.

Author's Note: Mason is Jonah's brother, didn't want to interrupt the flow of the story to explain that.