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In support of things:

The GLBT Bookshelf is holding a Rummage Sale in support of the Bookshelf itself. Apparently not many people are taking the time to stop by and check it out...so go at least have a look. There are new stories offered, discounts on older works, and artwork to spruce up you desktop. Cheeck it out!

Almost everyone who reads this journal knows elisa_rolle...but stop by her journal to read the ongoing problems with LiveJournal hijacking Amazon referral fees. Quite unsettling.

Piracy is not cool. Total eBound has an anthology for sale called Stealing My Heart. All proceeds from this anthology will go to help fight illegal eBook downloading. Thank you, and enjoy!. It includes some fantastic authors, seems worthwhile to check it out!

In the home stretch with Promises and Lies as far as the first draft goes. Twenty Two Chapters, 60,000 words, and only two or possible three chapters to go. It is a rough draft, so then I'll have to go back through and spend time tightening it up. I probably won't be done with it for several months, but I'm glad to be almost done with the first run through.