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A short prompt

...from the all_unwritten community. Today was a photo prompt, and it gave me an idea for this little drabble.

These are the main characters from the novel I'm working on called Promises and Lies. This, of course, will not be a part of the main story...but I'm nearing the end of the work (finally) and this is a little flashback to the early days of their relationship when everything was sweetness and light. With all the negativeness going on, I needed something happy.

It's a photo prompt:

"Whatcha doing?"

Jeff started at the sound and gasped as he instinctively threw the scissors down and covered the tiny red paper hearts with his hand. Before turning around, and before connecting the sound of the voice he whispered, "I'm not wasting time..."

The warm hand on his shoulder communicated just as Sean sat down beside him with a small sigh.

"One of these days, Tiger, I'll make you see that I'm not judging you."

Soft color covered Jeff's cheeks as he looked up in wonder. "Habit," he said.

"So..." Sean said as he teased a finger along Jeff's cheek, pushing his hair back from his eyes, "what are you doing?"

Jeff moved his hand back from the tiny pile of red hearts, each one perfectly cut. He picked up the little glass jar and showed Sean the hearts already inside it.

"Counting," Jeff said softly.

Sean lowered his hand, cocked his head to the side and murmured, "Counting?"

"All the ways," Jeff said, "that you make me feel...whole again."

"And how many do you have so far?" Sean asked.

"I lost count," Jeff said. He bit his lower lip, "And I think I'm going to run out of paper."

Smiling, Sean pulled Jeff to rest against him, kissed the top of his head. "Know what you should do then?" his voice a husky whisper.

There was a quiver in Jeff's voice when he responded, "What?"

"Use all the paper you can find, don't matter the color. Make it like...a rainbow."

Jeff twisted around, and he twined his arms up around Sean's neck. "Will you help me?"

"In a little while," Sean said as he bent forward and laid his lips against Jeff's, "when I'm not busy."

And Jeff understood...even with a rainbow of hearts, the jar would overflow several times over. He gave in to the kiss, and was glad that Sean chose to busy himself this way.