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Writing Meme day one

Tell us about your favorite writing project/universe that you've worked with and why.

Well of course I have to say The King's Tale. The story evolved from me "making it up" as I went along to heavy research to find actual place names, customs, language, clothing, etc. I even looked for pictures of Cornwall, looked at weather patterns, I wanted to make it as realistic as possible. I think in my mind I wanted it to be completely accurate historical fiction, with the change being that the men did not have to fear death because they loved one another. Yes, I actually did research homosexuality in Medieval times, but I didn't want the fear of death looming over my main characters so I chose to ignore it.

As it turned out, very few people seem to view The King's Tale the way I intended it. There are all manners of nits people pick. There were no kings in Cornwall, and so King Christopher is suspect is just one of them. The inclusion of a female to provid an heir is another. The fact that I ignored the Papal Inquisition and wrote it as though the King Henry actually gave Christopher permission to handfast with Dafydd is another.

I realize now I would have been better served to make this novel a complete fantasy with serious overtones of historical accuracy, but as it's my first published work I suppose it was a learning experience. I really like Dreamspinner Press's "Timeless Dreams" category because it almost seems to say that...the stories are historical but with a twist.

Beyond that, I have had a few other pairs of characters I've completely enjoyed writing. There's a glimmer that a friend and I will complete the world we built for a carpenter and an architect...we're in more serious planning stage over that now. I've also got a modern day version of Dafydd and Christopher I'd love to write some day, but their universe seems murky to me currently.

So, in the end Dafydd and Christopher's world has been my favorite, despite all the strange nuances I encountered once I let it out of my head into the big world.