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Writing Meme: Day Two

How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?

I have what I call "universal characters" meaning sometimes they are really the same person at heart, but I change their names. I have a hard time writing about people I don't "care" about. For the record, I prefer writing men, not women. It's difficult for me to get into women's minds, which doesn't make any sense because I *am* a woman.

By the way, an aside before I gush about my characters. When I write in my journal I don't necessarily make sure it's all perfect grammar. I enjoy letting the words flow out of me, and getting a point across is far more important than making sure all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. Sometimes I'm so "in the flow" that I make typos, and I don't always catch them. I teach grammar for a living, and this year I've learned so much about proper grammar that my head nearly exploded. There is a time and place for it, but my journal is not the place. I want this to be a more spontaneous explosion of thoughts.

On to my characters...And these are more or less in order of their own perceived importance ;) I've written about them before here.

Character One -- (David, Dafydd, the demon, the carpenter)

This voice has been in my head for many years. He's exceptionally sensitive, kind, caring, and yet very fierce. I sometimes say I've developed a symbiotic relationship with him because he thinks inside my head quite a lot. It's like he's always "there" inside my mind.

Character Two -- (Sean, Sam (If), Cian, Scott, the devil)

Of all the characters I write, this is the one that is most like me in temperament at heart, although he is far more outgoing and wild than me. I will cry if you look at me the wrong way, he covers that by lashing out. He is a loose cannon. He covers his insecurities by living life to the fullest.

Character Three -- (Christopher, the angel)

He visits, meaning, he's not in my head all the time. Sometimes I feel very tentative about him, as though I'm not getting all of his thoughts. He is very forthright, very sure of himself. It isn't that he has no sensitivity, he's learned to mask it and redirect that energy in other ways. I think of all my characters, he is the one that *I* am in love with. He's very beautiful, inside and out.

Character Four -- (Rodrigo)

Very sensual, and there's not a lot more I can say about him. He's difficult to figure out, but I haven't spent a lot of time writing him. Yet.

Character Five -- (Brian, Bradley, Anwyll)

This is another character that only visits on occasion. When he is in my head he is very spirited. He has a devil may care exterior, and yet he has a very solid core.

Character Six -- (Mike, Mason, Max)

This character does not live in my head. He's a southern boy, he manifests himself when I need him. He has a very clear sense of right and wrong, but he can change to suit my needs. As Mason he's not a very nice person, but as Max he was. He's malleable.

Character Seven & Eight (Gabriel, Mark)

I've melded these two together because in my head they are inseperable. Fingers crossed still that eventually their story will be read.

Character Nine (Jeff, Jonah)

I lost contact with this character a long time ago, but he lets me use him when I need to.

I'll close by saying this is day one of week four. Sometimes we are capabale of things we think we're not.