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Daily Writing Meme: Day Fifteen

Midway question! Tell us about a writer you admire, whether professional or not!

A professional writer I admire is Roberta Gellis. Her books are what introduced me into the world of quality historical romance. I devoured them one by one, even went so far as to contact the publisher to find out of print copies of her early works. Sadly, they informed me they were truly out of print. Then, a few years later I found off-brand published works of these books at a discount bookstore. It was like finding the Holy Grail and I snapped them up. Her work is so beautifully detailed and really gives a sense of the time period. Her love stories are tender and heartwarming. I never tire of re-reading her books. I have gushed about her before, my favorite series of books is the Roselynde Chronicles, although I have a soft spot in my heart for the Heiress series since those are the first of hers that I read.

I also admire Beatrice Small, another historical romance writer. Her stories were spicier than Roberta Gellis's, but the same attention to detail and thourough description of history really drew me in.

As for non professional writers, there are really only three. I hesitate to mention them by name without their permission, but they have been a part of my writing contingent for a long time.

There was one I met when I began writing LFN fanfic. With subtle firmness she shaped my early writing, and encouraged me to get inside my character's minds. I think she's responsible for me creating character lives so that I will know how they react in any given situation. Over the time we were writing together our styles merged and melded so that we could write stories that were seamless to other readers. She was a great support to me in my early stages, and I'm happy to have re-established contact with her.

The second one was someone I met roughly 9 years ago. I admired her writing style because it rang true. In other words, when I read a scene where two people were talking, it sounded like overhearing an actual conversation. I've poked her into being a support now, and she doesn't hold back when giving criticism, something I admire her for.

The last one is a person who has become very near and dear to my heart. We met online ten years ago. I still remember our first email exchange. I told her I was writing a certain kind of fanfiction, and she responded with what sounded like a condescending diatribe about what that fanfic was always like. I scratched my head and wrote back that not only was mine not at all like that I didn't even understand what she was telling me. Her reaction to what I sent her is still something I remember fondly, and a friendship was born. Without her I'd have never attempted to get anything published. I'm the wallflower ...or they Eyeore character thinking that my work is never good enough. She stood behind me, pushing me, until at last I sent in a submission to get her off my back. She'll always be my number one "fan". She also doesn't hold back with criticism, I'm blessed to have her around.