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Daily Writing Meme: Day Nineteen

Favorite minor that decided to shove himself into the spotlight and why!

In The King's Tale it was definitely Patrick. As I mentioned the other day, I don't follow rules. It's not that I'm a rebel, shy mild-mannered Rowena doesn't step out of line in the real world. But when I write I march to my own drum. I started The King's Tale as a short story, so had nothing past the first meeting between Dafydd and Christopher. But then the story built in my head. Because I was familiar with medieval customs I knew that the page would hold a bowl of water for the nobles before the meal. After Dafydd reluctantly joined the king in his castle the idea of the page evolved...and I knew he had to be feisty. As I continued the book with no road map I needed someone to take Marged off Christopher's hands once the heir was born. Patrick insisted it would be him. So, on the rewrite I had to shift things so that he would indeed be old enough to become a knight, and eventually Marged's husband once the story was done. I don't have plans to use him again in future sequels, but then again, I don't follow road maps, so one never knows.

In my ill-fated WIP I have a minor character that didn't want to stay minor so much that I had to re-work aspects of the story to get him to a nearly major role. And in fact, he is also clamoring for an off-shoot story to focus on him. :O I don't want to say too much about that though because the main story is still hanging in the balance.