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A nice Amazon review

Apparently Amazon is in the midst of some huge changeover, and as a result the pages are available, and not available by turns. Thanks to a suggestion by janeychapel I managed to get to some cached version of a page for The King's Tale where I found a very nice new 5 star review. With all the stress I've been through over the past month, not to mention the fact that I'm still sick (for two and a half weeks now) this was really a nice pick me up.

After having the book for a month or probably more, I took it with me to a doctor's appointment this week that I knew would take half the morning. And I could NOT put it down. Everything sucked me in, from the love story to the mystical elements (which would be my only complaint that there was not more, but, I know you can only put so much into a book so it's not bogged down by details), to the tension, as well as to the historical aspects. If you want a good summer reading book, this is The One, except, it's even better then the typical summer read book because it has been a couple days after reading the book and I am still thinking about the characters and wondering what is happening now to them. THAT to me is the sign of a great book.