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Why use a pen name

Rowena Sudbury is a pen name, in case you hadn't guessed. Why use one?

There is at least one very famous author already using my real name...imagine that! I found several lesser authors also with the same name. In fact, my real name is a relatively unimaginative name. I like it, but why be ordinary when you can choose a name like Rowena Sudbury?

The name is comprised of two streets where I used to live in Kentucky. Rowena Road, where I discovered the magic of altering my perspective on the world by looking through frosted ripple glass. I still remember the day, prior to the age of three, where I discovered that the world looked different through the frosted rippled glass that flanked the front door of our apartment building. I remember standing there, in the cold of winter, my nose pressed against that cold glass, in all likelihood my mouth wide open.

And then we moved to Sudbury Lane, where there was a hole just below the latch of the front screen door. In my mind there was a secret world down that hole, a world populated by me and my imaginary friends...Rufa, Winka, and Gag. I don't know where I came up with those names, but I remember them vividly. We had a fort built out of a lawn chair in that secret world that was down through the hole in the front screen door.

So...why be ordinary? Why would I try to find a way to augment my own name in order to differentiate from a well established author with the same name? I'd much rather use the product of such great imagination and wonderment...street names from my past.