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Beginning to get antsy

After Promises and Lies was accepted the publisher told me there were a few changes to be made. Unfazed I said that was ok because I had a few changes I knew had to be made anyway. Turns out their few changes (only 2) were a lot harder to make than I'd counted on. In essence, it was like a third rewrite.

Unfortunately this came about at the same time I was starting a new job and getting ready to go on a working vacation. I blithely thought I'd do the work while on vacation, but sitting on the edge of the San Francisco Bay made concentration difficult. I ended up spending the working part of my vacation either walking along the bay or sitting in my room with the spectacular view just reading and reflecting. Lots of wonderful meals, and lots of wine tasting when the actual part of my vacation finally came along.

I returned to an even bigger whirlwind over the new job than I'd expected. It turned out I had about half of one Saturday, and nearly all of another to complete these small changes to the manuscript. I finally finished late in the afternoon last Saturday, then promptly sent it off. The changes were good ones, I'm happier with the end result. But now starts the waiting again. I'm a fairly patient person about most things, but waiting for this "second child" makes me impatient.

So...what is Promises and Lies about? I am not very good at writing blurbs. I'm better at spilling out 60k+ novels than 2 paragraph blurbs. I guess that's a copout, but there you go. So, here's just a ramble about what the novel is about.

Sean Murphy is a thiry-something successful business man. After college he dumped his steady mate and spent years playing the field. One day as he's having lunch with his oldest friend he catches sight of Jeff, an young man in his early twenties. There's something about Jeff that tugs at Sean's heartstrings, and a friendship blossoms between them.

Eventually they both want more, but each is cautious. Sean detects that Jeff has suffered some hardship at the hand of a former lover, and Jeff is reluctant to give himself up. Once they finally give in to what they want sparks fly and a tight bond is formed. After that there are ups and downs. Jeff reveals trauma from his past and is diagnosed with dyslexia. Sean's brother and his girfriend look to put their unborn child up for adoption and Jeff becoms attached to the idea of taking the baby in. Sean has to come to grips with what he thinks he wants and what he really wants. Jeff's appendix nearly ruptures. Through it all playing as a sub plot is the story of Gabriel (the friend Sean is with when he meets Jeff for the first time) and Mark (an old flame of Gabriel's).

That probably doesn't give the information exactly the way it should be given, but as I said I'm not good with writing my own blurbs.

Hopefully soon I will have more information to share ;)


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Aug. 27th, 2010 02:09 am (UTC)
The book sounds awesome! Can't wait to read it :D
Aug. 27th, 2010 02:23 am (UTC)
Thanks! I promise it's actually better than it sounds...LOL!
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