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GLBT Bookshelf Rummage Sale is still on!

Ahoy! [<--Talk Like a Pirate Day]

The Digital Rummage Sale is still going on over at the GLBT Bookshelf. Stop by and load up on discounted reads and help the Wiki stay active :)

Also, if you could help me out...I'm seeing my userpic for The King's Tale as my default, and for some reason the "rose pressed in a book" that I -had- been using as a default shows up in Andrew Grey's journal. Does anyone else see that too? I looked at my user pics last night when I noticed my rose pic on his LJ, and in the place of The King's Tale icon is a bouncing smiley face. I'm sure LJ will straighten this out, but I just wondered if it was just me or does everyone see it that way? Thanks! edit I fixed the icons by deleting them and reuploading ;)

And now a little something I will put behind a cut, Why I like All romance eBooks

At All Romance eBooks you can read an excerpt of a book before you buy it. Also, in the case of The King's Tale you can download a free short story set within the world of the main novel...thus you can read the first chapter AND a free short story in a true example of "try before you buy". One other thing I like about ARe is the heat ratings, you know before you decide to buy how "sizzling" the story is going to be. I guess one other thing I like, a selfish thing, is that The King's Tale seems to sell very well there, and is fairly well rated. I'm sure I just jinxed myself for saying that...and in comparison to the bestselling contemporary books it's not well rated or well sold at all. However, in my little world seeing it on page two of the Medieval Romance category over a year after its publication date is pretty sweet.

I only mention all this because I racked up yet another 2 star review at Amazon yesterday. The reviewer complained about the accurate historical language (which could have been avoided if an excerpt had been read since the language is evident in the first chapter) and that the book has "too much sex" (also avoided by a 4 flame rating). Of course, the book still has a 4 star rating overall at Amazon, nothing to sneeze at.

And...check out the Rummage Sale! :)