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Editing of the book is going quite well. The story just keeps getting stronger!

Today I'm sharing about one of the other secondary characters, Mark. The story of Gabriel and Mark is a backdrop to the larger story of Sean and Jeff. During college Gabriel made a promise that he would wait a year after graduation so that he and Mark could enter med school together. Unfortunately, that promise was broken, and the two separated for many years until they eventually reunite as partners in a medical clinic.

During the interim Gabriel never found anyone who could match Mark, but Mark has taken up with a new boyfriend. Gabriel gives Mark his space, and theirs is a professional partnership only. Until one day when Mark's new boyfriend unceremoniously dumps him. It just so happens that Gabriel is on hand to witness the aftermath.

Although each are leery of promising too much to one another at first, they do eventually end up back together. Their story sizzles in my mind, so I'll be curious to see what others think. They are enough alike that they mesh well together, yet their differences are what really bind them.

One night as Gabriel is working late in the clinic he hears noises coming from Mark's office, and finds that Mark is clearing off his desk, discarding all memories of the boyfriend who has dumped him out in the cold. One of the things Mark dumps off his desk is a pressed rose in a frame.

As a writer, I tend to collect memories. Just like I gave Gabriel a creche because I remembered one I had seen, and decided he would keep it out all year just like one I have in my own house, this pressed rose in a frame is a "Rowena memory." Years ago a friend and I celebrated an anniversary of one of our imaginary couples (men we wrote stories about to amuse and inspire one another). These men were fond of giving one another roses, and on this occasion we actually purchased a real rose. I pressed it in a book, put it in a frame, and gave it to my friend. She still keeps it above her desk. The memory of that pressed rose was what I gave my character Mark.


This one is almost eight years old, so it's beginning to look the worse for wear, but the memory is intact, and that's what matters.

In a week or so I plan to share more stories of the characters in this book. Two more minor characters, and then Sean and Jeff. Stay tuned, I'm hoping to turn this into a trivia contest some day :)

Mark has a pressed rose in a frame.


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Oct. 12th, 2010 10:06 pm (UTC)
*g* Well, hopefully they don't disappoint ;)

I always end up carrying a little notebook around with me in case I find a memory to collect. I find them in the most innocuous places...like watching a blushing couple in front of me at the grocery store trying to hide a package of condoms under a head of lettuce. I wrote that one down to use some day in some story.

Or, the examples of the creche and the rose....and some of the other surprises I have coming up for the other characters.

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