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Just a brief entry today.

Another minor character in the book is Luke. He is the brother of the main character Jeff, and he has a very minor role in the book. Originally I'd meant to have him play a larger role, but in the end I scaled him way back. He's a sensitive sort, and is an associate professor at a community college.

Toward the end of the book he arrives at Jeff and Sean's house with some rose bushes he's bought at a plant sale his college held. Once again, this is one of my memories. Earlier this year I got to enjoy Spring Break for the first time in years. One day, to treat myself, I went to a plant sale at the local community college. My primary purpose was because I was looking to replace my yarrow plant. If you've read The King's Tale then you know that Dafydd is a healer, and he has many uses for yarrow. My original plant died in a termite tenting mishap, so I was hoping the community college would have a replacement plant. Luckily...they did!

The vibe at the plant sale was so great, I decided to weave it into Promises and Lies, even in the brief form I ended up using.


I've completed more edits on the book, hoping to have more to share with you soon ^^

Luke went to a plant sale at the community college where he works.


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Oct. 22nd, 2010 06:39 pm (UTC)
I have the blurb, we are working on the cover, and I think after these edits are complete it's ready to go to galley. I *think*!!!

Anyway...am relieved it's getting down to the final phases :)

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