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Dakotah isn't really a character, he's Jeff's dog. I always tend to give my characters dogs because dogs are an important part of my life. Dafydd, The King's Tale, had a dog, and now in this book is another dog.

Dakotah is an "old puppy"...ie: he's not a baby, he's getting to the end of puppyhood. Although this isn't really explained in the book, Jesse gets Dakotah for Jeff to teach him responsibility. Granted, Jeff isn't a child, but he's "childlike" in a lot of respects because of the difficulties he has experienced. Throughout the book there are different times where Jeff interacts with Dakotah and through these interactions we see the inner workings of Jeff's mind.

Dakotah, or Kotah as Jeff calls him, is also the catalyst to mark the strong differences between Sean and Jesse. Even though it's Jesse who gets the dog for Jeff, Jesse doesn't really like dogs. He won't let Jeff bring Dakotah inside the house for one thing. Sean not only lets Jeff bring Dakotah in the house, he builds a dog house for him, buys him food before Jeff is even living with him, and in a key scene toward the end he allows Dakotah up on the bed.

The image of Dakotah is based strongly on my own dog Spyder. Spyder is a true rescue dog. A friend of ours moved into a new house, heard a funny sound from underneath, and discovered a litter of puppies. We agreed right away to take one, and that was ten years ago. Spyder is a dog with lots of personality, and a very loving nature.

A few years ago we took him to the vet because his eye "looked funny"....our local vet monitored it until finally she said we should take him to a specialist. The day we took him to the specialist we received the news that he had a cataract, glaucoma, and a detached retina. That very day he had surgery to remove the eye. We've been taking him to the specialist every six months since then, and yesterday was the latest visit where he again recieved a clean bill of health.

Here is a picture of puppy Spyder, at about the same age as Dakotah is in Promises and Lies. He's sitting on the kitchen table...not something we allowed him to do but I guess we didn't realize he'd climb up on the table to get food after we ate. It was too amusing to get mad at him.


I've received word that Promises and Lies is out of editing now. Yesterday I sent an excerpt to elisa_rolle and she says it will be posted on the last Saturday of this month, which happens to be two days before the book is published!

Dakotah is Jeff's dog.


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Nov. 17th, 2010 11:17 am (UTC)
I am so looking forward to your new book.
I love dogs, your spyder is so cute, our own dog is 14 years now and unfortunately very sick, but we get him every medication and so far he is in no pain and can enjoy his days.
I am very glad your dog has a clean bill of health, he is very lucky to have so caring owners.
Nov. 18th, 2010 02:02 am (UTC)
Ahhh...thank you!

I have always loved dogs too. At first my parents never wanted to get my sister and I a dog because my dad really didn't like dogs. Then we finally got one and even my dad fell in love with him.

I'm sorry to hear about your dog...it's so hard when they get old and ill. I'm glad to hear he's not in pain, and that you still have time with him.

Spyder is doing fine....he's a "good doggie"... :)
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