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Happy Thanksgiving

Every year I say for Thanksgiving I am thankful for my problems. What I mean is, I'm thankful that my problem is "What should I make for dinner?" and not "Where is dinner coming from?" I've been blessed. Each year I'm thankful for my husband, we met for the first time on Thanksgiving 32 years ago.

I'm also thankful for Dreamspinner Press...they made my dream come true.

Speaking of, DSP has a sale on through the balance of the weekend, 20% off on all titles!

Hope everyone has a pleasant day...

And because I'm not a pig-headed American, I realize not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving today. But, where ever you are, take a moment each day to be thankful.


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Nov. 25th, 2010 07:24 pm (UTC)
Much *hugs* to you Tame!

It's a funny story, the way we met. Suffice to say he was not impressed with me that first time ^^

Hope your day is peacful!
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