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Here we finally are, the day before Promises and Lies is released :)

Today I'm going to give insight on my favorite character, Sean. When I originally submitted the mansucript there was a rather long flashback on the front of the book. This flashback was primarily about Sean, and took place during his college days. It gave a glimpse of his wildness, and his "devil may care" attitude. It was decided to leave this flashback off, and now you only get glimpses of the past through two truncated versions of the flashback.

Sean is a military buff. He studied military history in college, and after he graduated with his degree he took a job consulting with the military. Basically Sean is interested in the history of war, and I had to do some research to get his mentions accurate. His main love though is the Civil War.

This is the memory I used for Sean. About eight years ago I became interested in online role-playing games. Not the big computer generated ones, but smaller ones that included people taking the roles of celebrities. In the main these consist of people writing journals, and participating in online chats, while in the role of the celebrity. My interest in these games was short-lived, but it was interesting for a while. During that time I read an article in the newspaper about a civil war role-playing game. I was intrigued. What the article described was that people took on the roles of civil war soldiers, and in this particular game they sent emails to one another detailing their daily lives. In the meantime these games have escalated just like every other thing on the Internet, and they have become far more complex. Here is a link to one site with information about these games.


Sean also has a rather large battle layout in his computer room, peopled with models he makes himself. According to him, once the battle is set for his RPG then he sets up the battle scene with models.


Sean is my favorite character because it was interesting for me to see the way he changes through the story. One of my favorite scenes in the book comes toward the end when he and Jeff finally have a heart to heart, and Sean admits things to Jeff that he would never admit to anyone else.

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Sean is a Civil War buff.