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Promises and Lies released today!

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When Sean Murphy meets Jeff Hayes in a park one day, he's charmed by the simple pleasure Jeff finds in walking his dog, and despite Jeff's guardian, Jesse, hovering over them, a friendship is born. Sean realizes there’s something different about Jeff, something that would explain his timid nature and fear of disappointing Jesse, and he suspects Jeff has been a victim of abuse.

Sean works hard to earn Jeff's trust, but there are so many challenges to meet: Jeff's unusual dependency upon Jesse, Sean's devil-may-care attitude toward the past, and old nightmares and disabilities that continue to haunt Jeff to this day. Their growing love might not be enough. Jeff will have to find courage from somewhere deep within to take control of his life and decide if he wants Sean to be a part of his future.


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Dec. 1st, 2010 12:42 am (UTC)
So excited to see new novel from you.
Already bought, if it is nearly as good as King's tale was I will be one happy reader :-)
Dec. 1st, 2010 10:16 pm (UTC)
Re: So excited to see new novel from you.
:) Thank you so much!!!

It's different from The King's Tale because it's contemporary. But...I am working on a seqel for The King's Tale...turned out I like writing historicals more than contemporary :)
Dec. 5th, 2010 01:20 am (UTC)
Re: So excited to see new novel from you.
I have not read Promises and Lies yet, but it is next on my reading list after I am done with the book I am reading now.

I know it is contemporary, I love historicals but certainly read contemporary as well, as long as it has great characters and plot :).

I saw that you are working on a sequel, may I be honest? King's tale is among my comfort reads, so much I love Christofer and Dafydd and I reread it probably four or five times, despite the horrible ordeals guys go through, strength of their love for each other just makes me go Awwwww.

And based on the fact that I loved this book so much, I am getting your next works no matter what and will continue getting them unless I suffer terrible dissapointments, which I doubt :)

Having said that, sequel to a King's tale is a book I am not rushing to get. Please note I do not think I have any right to tell author what to do or what to write, but this is my emotional reaction as a reader, that's all. I do not feel that King's tale needed sequel at all, I felt that all characters arcs were tied neatly at the end of King's tale and well, I am just not keen on disturbing their HEA in my head just for the sake of it if that makes sense.

I have read books in this genre which in my head CRIED for a sequel, like Ginn Hale's Wicked Gentlemen, I can't wait when the sequel will finally be out because I felt that the relationship between two leads was very far from being resolved at the end and their characters arcs were not finished.

King's tale? I just do not see what is the source for potential conflict between Chris and Dafydd can be. I guess I never was one of those readers who felt that Marged was any threat for Dafydd, and I just do not want to feel that conflict will feel fake to me.

Forgive me for rambling, most likely I will not be able to stay away from them despite all that I just said, but that's how I feel about the sequel. And I felt that way about several other sequels to my favourites, that the first book should have been let to stand on its own.

Dec. 5th, 2010 01:13 pm (UTC)
Re: So excited to see new novel from you.
First of all, I don't mind you rambling at all. As I told a friend last night, I'm the first person to vehemently say that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and opinions are never wrong. Especially when you feel strongly about them. So, I would never fault you, or anyone, for expressing an opinion. :)

As for Promises and Lies...in my own humble opinion the story is not as rich as The King's Tale. I think I'm being my own worst critic, but in the end I did not get the satisfaction out of it that I did out of The King's Tale. I'm worried it *will* disappoint people who loved The King's Tale as much as you seemed to have.

I hope this doesn't disappoint you, but I have two sequels planned. :O Initially I was only going to write one...but then I longed for more of the love story of Dafydd and Christopher. One of the knocks I got on the book was the lack of accurate homosexual history. Yes, I did research before writing, and I knew that homosexuals were severely persecuted and would never have been allowed to live openly the way Dafydd and Christopher did. Because it was released as part of DSP's "Timeless Dreams" I figured I wouldn't be criticized, but apparently I was incorrect.

Everything was as historically correct as I could make it, with the exception of the homosexual history. This sequel that I'm working on now will deal with that inaccuracy, but I don't think it will satisfy the staunch detractors, because they're still going to end up living openly. You will probably not like this sequel I'm sorry to say. The only "spoiler" I'll give is that Marged will not be a part of this sequel, or the next one.

The third sequel in all likelihood will not disappoint you, and I'll give the clue that it will be called The King's Son. ;)

Thanks for leaving such a thoughtful comment, I appreciate it :)

Dec. 5th, 2010 07:00 pm (UTC)
Re: So excited to see new novel from you.
Well, be careful what you wish for. Often when I start talking, it takes time for me to shut up :)

I do not think you will ever be able to please every reader, really. I always think that author should write what her inspiration tells her to write and not write for anybody else. Same as I believe that when the story is done it is out in the world and readers should be able to be as harsh as they want if they have any critique to make. I have read books in this genre which I could not understand how they were published in the first place and next I see a five stars review near that book, truly there is no universal taste.

As to homosexuals not being able to live openly in those times (as if they HAD been able to live openly in any times or places in the past of Christian Europe :(), if it was NOT the part of Timeless dreams series, I would have totally understood and agreed with the critique. But it IS the part of those series, so I would have realized that these series are taking creative license and in that sense improve the reality of that era. If everything else was well researched, I truly do not get this criticism.

I have read several gay romance Regencies, which seem to conveniently forget that in England at that time, if you are caught you would have faced VERY serious legal troubles and more for having a relationship with a man. In those stories, everybody is super supportive and everybody knows that they live together and it caused multiple eye rolls from me when I was reading it. Because yes, if one is writing historical romance, I would expect the writer to get the basic mindset of the era correctly, I do not require every small detail, but at least mindset of the characters? Like in regency romances (thank goodness I read those too) I would expect the guys to remember that they have to be careful when they are together, you know? At the same time, as I had interesting discussion about this topic elsewhere, if such Regency was marked something like "costume romance", I would have approached reading it with totally different expectations. I would have thought that writer is using the past to talk about present, and would not have expected much if any of historical accuracy.

And to me these series by Dreamspinner had been marked as such, and while I think it is fair to expect fairly accurate historical setting, these series WARN you upfront that one theme will not be historically correct.

Hopefully I am making sense.

I doubt that I will be able to stay away from Chris and Dafydd, but at least I had been duly forewarned and they better stay together at the end, hehe.

Marget's criticism I understood a bit better, since even I as a reader who does not think that women should be left out of gay romances had been burned in the past by rather wierd and bizarre portrayal of the women in gay romances. It is like women could either be one dimensional evil B (I did not know livejournal also does language policing, but apparently they do, won't let me post my comment without shortening the word) or one dimensional best friends, then I would rather not have them anywhere close myself, but it is getting better and well, Marged was wonderful and as I said, personally I did not feel she was any threat to Dafydd. But I understood how people could feel that way since at some point when baby is just born Christofer chooses to spent time with her and baby rather than go back to Dafydd. But I was like, he is not spending time just with her, his son is right there, is it really so strange?

Thank you again for listening.
Dec. 6th, 2010 12:14 am (UTC)
Re: So excited to see new novel from you.
No worries, I can be pretty wordy at times myself, so please...talk all you want.

Of course, I am writing for myself. I'm writing more Christopher and Dafydd because *I* want more, and then I'll put it out there in the world for people to love or hate as they choose. You aren't the first person who has indicated a belief that the story came to a natural end and is fine as is.

I do agree that readers can be as harsh as they choose to be, but that goes back to my original thought that it's because they are stating their opinion. Where I have difficulty is the belief that readers can be as harsh as they want, and authors have to -like- it. I'm sorry, but a harsh review is something I take to heart. Granted, I'm not going to take it to heart out in public where everyone can see me throw a temper tantrum, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to sulk in private. Especially when it comes to The King's Tale, because I put so much of myself into it. It has gotten more than one negative review, and each one, even just a 1 star rating with no explanation, hurts.

But don't worry...I tend to suffer the hurt in private.

As far as the homosexual history....to be honest I didn't know about the Timeless Dreams category when I submitted the manuscript. My goal with the book was to create a medieval historical romance exactly like the ones I read in my youth, except that I wanted the main characters to be men because I enjoy reading/creating m/m fiction. The author I enjoyed the most did research, but I'm certain there was a lot of suspending of reality going on too. See, I didn't want to write a book where the main couple feared for their lives. Maybe one day in the future I'll attempt that, but I didn't want these two to face that.

In the end, I was glad of the Timeless Dreams category, because the book fit it perfectly.

I can't really comment on the regency m/m romances as I haven't really read any of them.

And no problem....I will listen any time.
Dec. 6th, 2010 12:50 pm (UTC)
Re: So excited to see new novel from you.
I know one thing, everything in King's tale worked perfectly for this reader and definitely good luck with the sequel and if my reservations about them suffering just for the sake of continuing the story will be the only concern I will have with it, I will certainly will not be writing negative review about that, because if I buy it, I will know what I am buying and be ready :)

Nobody likes negative reviews, in any field, I certainly do not expect authors to like negative reviews. Although I definitely think that if author chooses to argue over it in public, author will look worse (unless review contains factual inaccuracies then I think it is definitely needed to be corrected) The only thing I would love authors to remember is that for the majority of readers writing a negative review is not a personal attack on the author. Before you say so, I am not so naive anymore as to say that none of the reviewers has a personal agenda. I had been shown some very crazy reviews where it was clear that reviewer had a personal vendatta against the author. But I still think that majority of the readers write reviews (or opinions) about the book simply because they want to discuss their love of books (or dislike of books) with other readers and it has absolutely nothing to do with the author. At least that is why I write mine, when I write review, even the most negative one, I do not have an objective in mind to hurt the author. Even when I am typing it it sounds so crazy to me, why would I want to hurt the real person whom I know nothing about, you know?

However to me book, as any product after its creation takes a life of its own when it is out there and I want to share with other consumers what worked and what did not work for me. And if something did not work for me, it will warn the consumers that share same tastes with me or will help consumers who have tastes opposite to mine to buy the book. It is the same as I would have wanted to share experiences about new tv or phone with other consumers. Granted, I love talking about books much more though :)
Dec. 7th, 2010 12:31 am (UTC)
Re: So excited to see new novel from you.
I'll just say that the "suffering" is something that wasn't really fully tied up in the first story, and leave it at that. Other than, as I said, it does not involve Marged. It will be a while before it ever gets done. I have an outline, I have 12 and a half chapters written, but I don't have a lot of time right now. And, this is something I certainly don't want to rush!

It has been suggested to me that ....it's hard to put into words. I guess for example, I teach elementary school. If I complained that "this job would be great if there were no kids" that would be bad because I should expect there to be kids. Where my disconnect comes in is that when I write I'm not writing with the expectation that people will dislike what I write so much that they will write a vitriol laced attack about what I've written. But, as I said, I wouldn't dream of baiting the person who writes the review, and in most cases (barring the inaccuracies that you mentioned) I wouldn't respond at all.

I would like to believe that no one writes a negative review to hurt the writer. I'm also aware that sometimes negative reviews end up generating sales. Being published is still new to me. Maybe in several years when I've got more than 2 things published I'll have a different outlook. Unfortunately I'm classified as a "highly sensitive person," so I tend to take a lot of things "the wrong way."

I do agree though...once the product is out in the world it's held up for perusal by one and all. Promises and Lies already has a few what I perceive as "negative" reviews, but for some reason it doesn't bother me as much as the "negative" reviews I've gotten on The King's Tale.
Dec. 1st, 2010 03:30 am (UTC)
Even though I enjoy blowing smoke up your butt, I am quite in love with the random hot guy on the cover. That is all.
Dec. 1st, 2010 10:16 pm (UTC)
I am glad <3 I like him too.
Jan. 21st, 2011 05:37 pm (UTC)
What a nice post. I really love reading these types or articles. I can?t wait to see what others have to say..
Jan. 21st, 2011 09:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks :)
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