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I'm screwed...

Last weekend I got the wild notion that I need to publish something agan, right away. So, I spent the weekend working on my ill-fated novella, the one I blithely thought I could write in five days and get it published. The novella that knocked me back down firmly to earth with the realization that I'm not Superwoman.

I worked on the novella all weekend, changing it so that it wasn't so ill-advised. I sent it off to my beta reader, and then let it sit for the whole week. Yesterday I looked at it again, and made some tweaks. I was pretty pleased with it. I'm still waiting for the beta reader, but I realized I can wait. I don't want to rush it this time.

Then today I went to look at Good Reads, and Promises and Lies has a new reader rating. It's a 3 star rating, and that makes two 3 star ratings in the past several days. Trust me, I'm not complaining. A 3 star rating is much better than the slew of 1 star ratings that The King's Tale racks up on Good Reads. Interestingly enough, the two 3 star ratings also have written reviews.

After I read one of them, I lost all steam on my novella again. I can already forsee the handwriting on the wall, and this novella will get the same criticism as this reader offered. The criticism that they can't see into the character's minds.

So, I opened the last chapter I completed for my sequel to The King's Tale and immersed myself into the richness of that story. The depth of emotion displayed by the characters, the insight into why they are the way they are. Guh, it's a beautiful story (in my head anyway).

I feel like the "little old lady who swallowed a fly"...I'm impatient to publish something new. I was impatient when I rushed through Promises and Lies and in hindsight I realize it might have been wiser to have taken more time with that story. So, I'm adamantly "taking my time" with The King's Heart. Yet, I want to keep my name out there so I'm pushing this novella. Argh!

I guess at this point I'll wait for the beta reader, and go back to the patchwork quilt method I'm using on The King's Heart and hope that I don't lose any audience by making them wait.

I don't know, I think I'm just screwed. :(


Apr. 18th, 2011 03:55 am (UTC)
Of course I don't mind opinions from readers! Thanks for leaving one!

I just had a conversation over dinner with a photographer about this very topic. He's had to deal with criticism of his own work, and he and I both agreed that negative criticism usually hits one in the heart, but one has to learn to get past it.

As I said, a 3 star review/rating doesn't bother me. A one star rating, with no explanation (or an explanation that the work is "porn" therefore has little artistic value per a direct definition of the word) is bothersome.

The bottom line is that I fear I may "rush" something, just to get it published, when I should stay with what I love...writing my historical/fantasy romances. That's my strength, and I'm "screwed" if I think I have to rush something out just to keep my name in front of the readers.

Again, I think you for your comment :)