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Spring Break

Last year during spring break I managed to buy some yarrow plants. Unfortunately, they were yet again destroyed in my back yard as the year went by. You might recall that my first yarrow was destroyed in the termite-tenting incident. The new yarrow was destroyed in the cats-take-over-the backyard incident. Unfortunately, it's too sad to talk about (the cats, not the yarrow), so I'm just hoping to be able to buy some yarrow this summer in the wine country.

Otherwise, spring break this year has been a bust, as far as writing goes that is. I decided early in the week to "go with the flow". So, Monday I was in the midst of a bad cold, and I cleaned the kitchen. Tuesday I cleaned the garage and entertained an old friend for lunch. Wednesday I got a massage! We also took our brand new car up for its courtesy check-up. We mentioned the gas gauge issue (again) and this time they took the whole car apart and determined, "hey! these people are right there's something amiss with the gas gauge!" So, we won't get the car back until Friday. In the meantime, today will be taken up with visiting friends and an urban garden, and then a family obligation in the late afternoon, evening. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but I predict it won't be writing. The day will end with an Earth Day dinner on the beach.

Today I received a wonderful reader comment on my FB page!

Yesterday I made a website. RowenaSudbury.com. It's not pretty. What happened is that my old fan-fic website renewed before I could cancel it out. Domain names are fairly inexpensive, so I decided to turn it into an author website. Problem is, I've lost all interest in coding HTML anymore. Besides, I learned how to code HTML in the old days (ten years ago) and I lack the patience to get myself up to date with all the changes. And, my old webhost has also not moved along with the times, so dreams of a fancy, slick website went out the window when I realized there's no PHP or anything like that with the hosting package I have.

Monday it's back to the grind, but there are only six weeks left in the school year. It's been a long haul, can't say I'll be sad to see the year over.