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Personal *squee*

I was just looking at All Romance eBooks, and I noticed a familiar name in the "new" category. Roberta Gellis. This particular novel (Fortune's Bride) is the fourth in the "Heiress" series. The first in this series was called The Cornish Heiress, and that book was my introduction to romance novels. Of course, these novels are not "new"...but I suppose they're new eBooks. I've had my copy of The Cornish Heiress since the early 1980s. It is minus the cover because I got it from someone that worked in a grocery store. The covers were torn off the books that didn't sell before they were thrown away.

In any case, I realized that my "homage" to Roberta Gellis's brand of Cornish romance is on the same site. Gave me a private wiggle.