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Promises and Lies: The Book Giveaway!

It’s just a little over 6 months since Promises and Lies was released. To celebrate that, and the start of serious summer reading, I’ll be giving away three copies. The grand prize will be a personally autographed paperback, and the runners-up will receive eBook copies.

Here’s how to play!

First, go to Facebook and *like* the Rowena Sudbury fan page.

Second, come back to this journal and go on a scavenger hunt. You’re looking for information about seven characters from the book:


Each of these characters has a special entry in this journal. These entries give background information about the characters, and most of them have some memory that actually belongs to me. Your job is to find these memories and jot them down. I’ve made this easy for you; there is a single sentence at the end of each entry that gives the information in a nutshell. Just follow the tag on this entry and you will find all seven entries about the characters. If you have any questions, leave a comment here.

When you have all the answers, send them to me in an email [rowenasudbury@gmail.com]

The contest starts now, and runs through until the Fourth of July. To be eligible for the signed paperback you need to have all seven answers. Once that winner is drawn, all remaining entries will go into a drawing for the eBook copies. You do not have to have all seven answers for those drawings.

Good luck, and happy hunting!