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Restful Vacation

Harmony, California Harmony, California
Harmony is near the coast, tucked into a region that is known for growing wine grapes. Up the coast is Hearst Castle, and it was socked in with fog. In just a little way is this quaint little town that boasts a population of 18.

We spent a week wine tasting and eating ourselves silly. It was peaceful, and restful, and helped to recharge run-down batteries.

California is known for wine of course, but most people who haven't seen the movie Sideways only know Napa and Sonoma. In a way that's a good thing since it leaves my beloved Central Coast wineries relatively untouched.

We spent four days in Paso Robles. This area is split into two sections. The east side is hotter. Most of the larger wineries are on the east side. The west side is "cooler" (although it was up in the 90s most days) and filled with the smaller "hand crafted" variety wines. All in all it's quite a pleasant way to spend the day, meandering back under the trees and sipping wine.

At the end of the week we headed down to Solvang, a "quaint" Danish community. I use the term quaint loosely because I have no interest in plowing through the tourist trap shops. This is another wine area, the one heavily featured in Sideways...but we've been tasting wine there since 1982 when there were only 6 wineries.

I spent my last day of vacation (today) at the dentist. Quite the rude awakening from the idyll.