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Rowena Sudbury

Goodbye old friends....

I finished the first version of The King's Heart yesterday.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned the theory of apophenia before, but there is a lot of it tied up in this experience, oddly enough.

I'll start with the dates. I finished my very rudimentary first version of The King's Tale on July 7, 2007. Not only do I write copious notes about everything related to my writing, but I also remember the date because it was 07/07/07. Last night as I went to bed I realized that I finished this first draft of The King's Heart on July 6. Maybe I should have held out another day so that they'd both be finished on the same date.

But, I couldn't, and that brings the second bit of apophenia.


This is my kitchen window. During the scary bit of time in 2009 when I was actually submitting The King's Tale for the first time, I spent a lot of time standing at this window. I agonized, I worried, I stared out at the dreary weather. It was winter, my favorite time of year. As I spent so much time standing at that window, I developed an attachment to the bush you see there, and the tree across the street. They became "old friends", I took comfort from their familiarity.

Unfortunately, we had some pretty windy days here earlier this year. On March 8, I snapped this picture:


That's the tree, felled in the night. I felt empty sadness that I probably can't really explain at the loss of the tree.

The reason I was not able to stretch the end of the writing of The King's Heart until today is the day we devastate the front yard. We're tearing the whole thing out in favor of a drought-tolerant garden. Sure, if I had my choice I'd have a lush English-style garden. But, I live in an area of drought, so that's out of the question. The good news is, yarrow is drought tolerant, so I can plant as much of it as I want.

The workers are already here, tearing things out. Once they leave, we start the planting, so I had to get the novel finished yesterday. I did manage to include the yarrow and feverfew in the epilogue of the book.

One last picture of you old friend...

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