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I have finally fulfilled one of my most fervent dreams, to become a published writer.

I have been writing nearly my whole life. A few weeks ago I was doing research for a magazine article, and unearthed my old "School Days" book. My mother had carefully saved some of my old school papers, and I found early fiction attempts from third grade. I even found my "award winning" story about the little bear who sneezed his head off. At the time my teacher told me I had a vivid imagination.

That imagination hasn't failed me over the years.

Along with writing I have always been an avid reader. As early as high school I discovered the joys of reading historical fiction. While watching The Poldark Saga on Masterpiece Theater I developed a fascination for Cornwall, one that has never wavered. Eventually I dove in to historical romance novels, and the die was cast.

This summer, Dreamspinner Press will publish my first novel, The King's Tale. This is a dream come true.