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A small update

It's still rather warm here in Southern California, and wildfires are raging out of control all over the place. Although the region goes through this once a year, it's still a cause for worry and concern. My hearts are with all those affected, both the families evacuated and the firefighters.

Today I discovered an alternate search on Amazon. This is all still new to me so it took me a little while to feel my way around their "best seller" lists. When I search for Dreamspinner Press and just books, The King's Tale comes up in the number 8 spot. For eBooks and books it still places in the top twenty, and that is still a marvel to me.

I was also happy to see that the free eBook that Dreamspinner and All Romance eBooks are offering, "The Magic of Lammas" is holding down the number 10 spot in the "Gay" category.

And finally, I wrote a guest blog for the Book Wenches, and it can be found here.
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