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Happy Valentine's Day

This post is early because tomorrow promises to be a rather long day. If you had another question for any of my characters, you can leave it here, and I'll try to post the answers sometime tomorrow....late most likely.

There's good news from Dreamspinner Press! It's all about the romance, so tomorrow (starting with EST) everything on the DSP site will be 20% off! Again I urge you, it's a good time to pick up The King's Tale in preparation for the sequel, due out in May or June.

In addition, we will have a Hearts and Flowers scavenger hunt, with a heart graphic hidden in various places around the web site. Each time a person finds the graphic and clicks on it, they get a code for 20% off all the publications by the author whose page the graphic is hidden on. The graphics will go up tonight and will be up for the rest of the month. Have fun searching!

And now, on to the interview with my characters....

Didn't get as many questions as I was hoping for, but here they are.

From anne_barwell. She directed this question at Dafydd and Christopher (The King's Tale), but I decided to get answers from Brad and Scott (Blue Moon) as well.

What exactly made you realize that he was the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with? ie the defining moment?


There was no defining moment, Christopher was my destiny, my steps were long ordained that I would walk them until we two met.

When I was quite young, I began to have dreams in which a golden haired being kept me company. As I grew older, I realized the being was a man, and it never troubled me that I felt such an affinity with this man. He was everything I admired, wanted, and loved rolled into one. The being was strong, oft times fierce and brutal, yet he possessed a softer side that only I could see. I began to refer to this being as a sprite, a dream sprite.

When I left Wales, I believed this sprite guided my journeys. Each night, as I rested, he came to me, and in those dreams I saw the landmarks that guided the path I would take. Once I was near to Lysnowydh that first time I began to feel settled. The first time I glimpsed Christopher in the flesh I knew he was the man who haunted my dreams. I cast about for a reason to stay close, and settled on taking up for the woodsman who had recently departed. In the early days I only watched him, and though 'twould be reality to think we should never have congress betwixt us, I knew in mine own heart that we would.

He claimed to feel love nearly the instant we met, and e'en though I knew he was my destiny, I held back. The emotion of love crystallized for me on a sojourn we took together after I had lived in his keep for six months. He presented me with a shell, tinged with pink inside, and I knew at that moment that it was safe for me to unlock my heart, that he would not cast me aside.


'Tis hard to put words to what I have long known belonged to me. Aye, I had seen Dafydd many times ere we met face to face. Though he melded into the background, part of the fabric of mine kingdom, the image of him wafted through my thoughts as smoke wafts from the Beltane fire at dawn. Mayhaps 'twas the moment I realized he had shared full half of his meal with me the first night I sought refuge in his cottage. Mayhaps 'twas the night I claimed him for mine own. In honesty, I am not sure.

What I am sure of now is that he holds me bound tightly to him, and were I to lose him, mine own heart would shatter. Though I know that many believe I have enslaved him, I also know 'tis the reverse that is true. Dafydd has invaded my being, and without him, I would of necessity cease to exist.


I didn't set out to 'spend the rest of my life' with Scott. Hell, I never thought in those kinds of terms. I didn't think I needed or wanted anyone for all of the time. I was fucked up in the beginning, and you know he kind of, I don't know, saved me from myself.

I don't really know when the defining moment came. Things just kind of eased from one stage to the next. But, if you held a gun to my head and made me pick one, I'd say that magic night when blue moonlight flooded the room. I ain't a romantic kind of guy at all, but that night was something special.


I never allowed myself to think about Bradley as a forever thing. In the beginning it was just an opportunity. He was attractive and vulnerable, and I used him, plain and simple. The way things go in the business, I expected he'd be here today and gone tomorrow.

But, as the weeks turned into months, I realized I wanted more from him. Putting an exact moment on when I realized that though, fuck if I know. I guess I could get all sappy for Valentine's Day and say it was when that fucking moonlight made him glow, but that's bullshit and everyone knows it. Reality is, shit happen when you least expect it.

New Questions Added!

From chrysalis_1975

In the time period of your lives, were you not afraid of censure due to the sex of your intended? I apologize if my question causes strife or offense.


When I was a young man, I dallied with both men and women, it mattered not which, as long as they were willing. As time went on, I yearned to find a soul mate, someone to spend the rest of my life with. 'Twas my intention to find this mate ere I needed to take over reins of the kingdom from my sire, but alas that was not to be. 'Twas told to me most straightly that I must needs find a suitable mate, and find one quickly.

When I met Dafydd, I knew he was the one, the soul mate I craved. I also knew he would not serve, not where my council was concerned, yet I cared not for what they thought. I knew that I must needs have him.

I was granted leave, so I thought, from King Henry for this liaison, and thought to provide the heir, thus my kingdom would be settled. Lo it came to pass that I was told that the dispensation granted would not hold true anywhere besides in mine own kingdom. When this fact was presented to me, 'twas not fear of censure that I felt, 'twas outright rage. I knew, in mine own heart, that Dafydd and I were meant for one another, and it angered me greatly to find that 'twas not accepted.


Aye, mayhaps I feared censure. Mayhaps what I feared the more was being the cause of any strife or censure for King Christopher. I knew, I know, that the love we share is right, and have trouble understanding how it can not be considered right. But as it is, the bond Christopher and I share is unbroken, and I feel sorrow for any who attempts to break that bond, or any who attempts to express their disdain for the bond. Christopher has granted me the serenity of my still room, yet I would of a necessity ride to war to protect what is sacred betwixt us.

My own questions:

What is the most endearing feature about your mate?


The fact that he never gives up. Bradley never lets anyone box him in with stereotypes. I've heard guys tell him he's too small to make it as a pro-wrestler, and I've seen him take them down a peg or two next time they hit the ring together. When guys taunt him about things they would never dream of taunting me about, he gives them his patented "I don't give a fuck what you think" stare until they back down.


His gentle nature. Aye, I did long to glorify my name by forcing him to put his trauma in the past and resume a role I forced him into in the first place, marshal to my troops. I have, however, seen the error of my ways, and revel in seeing peace radiate from within him as he tends to his garden, prepares his herbals, and tends to the ill. That is what does my heart good, seeing him in his glory.

What is the most romantic thing your mate has ever done for you?


Scott O'Doul would knock you flat if you ever accused him of being romantic. Hell, if you asked him this question he'd say he's flat out not romantic at all. But, I know different. I see romance in gestures he takes for granted. Like when he fixes me a meal, steak is his specialty. Or when we come home beat up and tired from the road, and he holds me while we watch a movie, stealing little kisses, and giving me what I can only classify as gentle caresses.


The very things I perceive in Christopher as romantic are the very things others damn him for. The manner in which he chased me across his kingdom, and put right a deep wrong, I see naught but deep seated love in the gesture, where others, when the story is told, will see a cruel man.

From bererjs, she says she likes my "dreaded S" characters, and since I haven't asked Sean any questions yet, I'll ask one for her.

What prompted you to talk to Jeff in the first place?


Well, he caught my attention as he walked into the park that first day, and the god's honest truth is that I wasn't looking for anything other than to just talk to him, he wasn't my type. He looked so dejected, for some reason I felt like I wanted to find out why. I guess we had an instant bond form when that plastic soldier fell out of his pocket. I suspected it was just a toy to him, but when Jesse started talking shit to him about it that just kicked my need to befriend him into overdrive. Figured I'd give him something to hold on to, some defense against the rigid hold Jesse had on him.

Over time, the more I got to know him, the more I knew I needed to take what we had to the next level. When he was ready.

heart graphics from made into banners by me

Whee! and THANK YOU bererjs for the wonderful Valentine's v-gift!

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