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Weekend Update


I selected winners in my Timeline Cover Contest. Luckily, just as I started the contest I found out I was able to have a cover on my fan page, therefore I ended up with two winners!

chrysalis_1975 picked the slogan used on my fan page: http://www.facebook.com/RowenaSudbury

The other good news on that page is that I finally managed to get the user name set the way I wanted it! Sometimes Facebook is a confusing place, and I'd apparently used that name for my main FB page. I got that user name changed, but then I had to wait several weeks until "RowenaSudbury" was available again. But, now it is, and I'm hoping it will generate a few more fans, since it will be easier to find now.

The second winner was Jerry Wolf, and he picked the slogan used on my main page: http://www.facebook.com/rowenasudburyauthor 

I'm happy with the way both covers turned out, and believe me when I say I'm looking forward to updating both of them within a few months when I get the cover for The King's Heart!

Red Sunset

Yesterday I managed to write about a thousand words on "Red Sunset" (sequel for "Blue Moon"). Happy with the results.

Dreamspinner Press

I'm proud to be affiliated with Dreamspinner Press, and I will always be thankful for the way they support their authors. Recently there were accusations flung at a DSP author, and somehow it ended up painting all the rest of us with the same brush. I'm pleased at how DSP handled the situation, and my heart goes out to the author in question. As a result of the situation, you can visit the DSP homepage and download Bear, Otter, and the Kid for free until March 7, 2012.


Happy Reading, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!