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When inspiration strikes, it's hard to ignore it.

The nature of my writing is that, for the most part, I can only write when there are no other immediate distractions. Like, oh say for example, my day job ;)

So, when an image forms in my head in a split second, it's really difficult to suffer through the rest of the week until I have time to actually write anything.

Here's the chain of events from this week.

Tuesday was a difficult day. At one point, I leaned on a counter with the idea of just taking a half-minute breather. I've been working on the sequel for Blue Moon, and in a flash there in my mind's eye was Brad brushing his teeth after a shower. I've reached a point in the story where Brad is making a big decision, and though Scott understands the reasons for the decision, he really struggles against the idea.

This little flash the two of them showed me was brief, yet intense. I'm sure I blushed. I'm sure that if anyone had the power to read my mind at that moment I'd have been fired on the spot.

I managed to keep the image of this scene between them locked away, and let it play out further that night as I was trying to sleep. The next day, it was in my thoughts again most of the day.

By Thursday Scott supplied the end of the scene, and again I felt light-headed from the intensity. I had a brief 15 minutes after work before I ran off the the eye doctor, and I jotted all the nuances of the scene in my notebook, even thought I knew I wouldn't forget any of them. I still had another day to struggle through until today, when I can actually spend time writing it.

Today I do have other irons in the fire. Saturday chores, a mountain of laundry, and taxes to start looking at. But I'm bound and determined to write this scene first.

I'm always amazed at how inspiration strikes in a flash like that. I still remember a day when I was at a seminar most of the day on a Saturday. When I came home, I decided I needed a half an hour on the couch before I could get up and make dinner. I took off my earrings, tucked them in the palm of my hand, and put my head down. Within in 2 minutes a whole story played out in my head, the center of which was earrings in someone's hand. 

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