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I've been attempting to update this journal every weekend, so this is the weekend post a few days early.

Next week is Spring Break, but luckily we get an extra day off this year. My husband and I are heading out of town on family business combined with a short trip through the wine country.  We're lucky in California, we have so many different places to try. We're going to a new spot this time.

So, just some random thoughts this time.

The other day I was looking at the DSP website, and watching a scroll of my books. For some reason when I saw the cover for The King's Tale I had a mini-mark out moment. It was like, in that moment the history of the book flashed through my mind, from the giddy start when I wrote it as a short story, through to the long process of making it into a novel, to the acceptance of the manuscript, to the publishing. In that one brief moment I felt intense joy and pride. I know that's a goofy thing, but sometimes I'm a goofy person.

The good news is, a few days ago I got the request for the blurb from DSP for The King's Heart. I'm so very happy that this one is finally seeing the light of day. I'm as excited for it as I was The King's Tale, and I can't wait to hold the finished product in my hot little hands.

And finally, I'm very happy with the progress on Red Sunset, the sequel for Blue Moon. Those two characters seem very alive in my head. I spent a rather fun few hours last weekend researching Brad's trip to Japan, trying to see it through his eyes. I also had a lot of fun trying to see if the rock quarry I remember swimming in as a kid is still around. Apparently the "lake" is still there, but the swim club is closed down. Trying to figure out a work-around for that.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and a good week ahead!