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Getting my groove back

I haven't been updating this blog because I've been busy editing. I'm hoping soon I can share some good news :) Until then I've had my writer's ego sorely abused by going through the editing process, and at one point I even said to myself, "What happened? You used to be a good writer!" That's when I realized, I need to get my groove back.

I used to shoot from the hip when I wrote. If it sounded good, I wrote it. In a lot of respects it didn't matter if it was historically accurate, or even humanly possible. Then again, that was back in the days when I only shared my writing with friends, and as long as we all liked it, it didn't really matter how it was written.

Then one day I started looking at my writing a little more critically. Mainly, I looked at sentences I had written where there was past and present tense in the same sentence. Most of these were examples of participial phrases. In a nutshell that means using verb phrases as adjectives. As I analyzed it I realized I mainly did it to vary sentence structure. But I didn't like it, so I went through the then very rough draft of The King's Tale and removed all the participial phrases so that all the verbs were in past tense.

After the book was published I noticed that a lot of them had been changed back by the editor. By then I knew that they were participial phrases, and I thought I knew how to use them correctly. So, I started using them again. I used them with great gusto. I recently found out I was doing it wrong. Now they weren't participial phrases meant to vary sentence structure, they were something called "invalid simultaneous action."

I am a pretty analytical person. I allowed myself to be defeated by this knowledge for a while, and I raged silently against it. Well, not totally silently because I grumbled loudly at my computer screen when no one was around. After I got that out of my system I started to look at them critically, and I realized where I had gone wrong.

Joyfully, it led me to getting my groove back. Yesterday I looked through the 8000+ words I have written for my followup to Blue Moon, and fixed it.

I feel like I'm at a pretty good place with my writing now, and I'm looking forward to jumping back in, head first!


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May. 28th, 2012 01:14 pm (UTC)
I'm so happy to know you're pleased with your editing process, even though it got your down :) I suppose I'll face the same thing, if I ever publish my prose poetry or non-fiction one day. . .

HUGS :) Have a great Monday!

May. 28th, 2012 05:07 pm (UTC)
Oh, it always gets me down, due to my high-sensitivity. I'm not like other writers in that way, but I always get over it.

Hope you do get you writing published one day!

Have a great Monday yourself!
May. 28th, 2012 05:24 pm (UTC)
I understand what you're saying---I'm highly sensitive myself, and even though I can take criticism, I'm worse on myself, and that's probably why I'll never be published. Too much self-doubt I guess. . .

May. 28th, 2012 05:50 pm (UTC)
Never say never! I, too, am very hard on myself. I look back on things I've done (like getting published for example) and say "how the heck did you do that?"

So....keep believing and one day it will happen! I believe it!

May. 28th, 2012 04:44 pm (UTC)
Crikey. I have no idea about participal phrases. I'm from the period in British education when they showed us what to write but didn't burden our little minds with any of the construction details.

"Invalid simultaneous action" - a sexual encounter than nobody enjoys?
May. 28th, 2012 05:08 pm (UTC)
I didn't learn that way either...which is why when I found out it was a standard I was supposed to be teaching I had to research to find out exactly what a participial phrase was! I just made my head explode reading about them online right now, so I won't share any of my findings ^^

LOL! I like that...that put a good spin on the phrase invalid simultaneous action, and I'll remember that for the next time I see it used! <3
May. 29th, 2012 05:23 pm (UTC)
We were never taught those at school either. I still tend to go on 'does it sound right' for the most part and look things up if I'm not sure.

Glad you got your groove back. *crossing fingers for your good news*
May. 29th, 2012 07:28 pm (UTC)
The good news is so close I can feel it! Super exciting!

Anyway, as I said, I have to know what these things are called as a teacher...but they still make my head explode...LOL!

OH...and I'm nearing the end of Shadowboxing finally! While I was editing I didn't have time to read. But, I read a part last week that made my mouth drop open, and I had to take some time to adjust to it. Wow!
May. 30th, 2012 05:48 am (UTC)
So glad you're enjoying Shadowboxing. Your comment completely made my day. Thank you!

I've outlined the next two books in the series in detail so I know what I need to research. They'll be next after dragons.

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