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A series of unfortunate events

-or- How a few snap decisions went wrong.

A snapshot of my real life.

Today was Petsmart day because Mr. Dog needed food. When I made the final turn before the store I realized they were doing some road construction and the left lane was blocked. I figured it wouldn't be possible to turn left so I stayed in the right lane.

That was bad decision #1 because you could actually make a left trun there, the turn arrow worked and everything.

Oh well, I continued on to the next left turn option thinking I'd just make a u-turn and double back. Well, the next left turn was the same as the first one, only there was a bus and all manner of traffic, so it looked like a u-turn would be difficult. I continued on.

Bad decision #2.

By the next left turn the road construction was cleared up. This was an actual left turn lane, not a arrow/yield combination. I missed the light so I had to sit there for a while, and while I sat I calculated that the u-turn would be difficult to pull off because it didn't really look like there was enough room. There wasn't a "no u-turn" sign posted, so I decided to go for it. Until I saw a police car pull into the opposite turn lane. I debated with myself and decided I'd just turn left, not chance getting a ticket. A quick glance told me that I was turning into a "not a through street". Ok cool, it's a cul-de-sac I can just zip around and get back on the road.

Turns out it wasn't a cul-de-sac, it was a road leading in to a gated community. I don't usually drive down this section of road so after thinking "Wow...there's a gated community right here?" I realize that the car behind me from the turn lane means to actually seek to gain entrance to the gate. Ok, no problem I pull off to the side and figure once they go by I'll finally make the u-turn and be on my merry way.

Bad decision #3 ...there was another car behind them, so now I'm boxed in, on a red curb.

It took more than five minutes as I watched the first driver get in and out of their car half a dozen times trying to gain entrance. All this while the 2nd car has me boxed in. It's a hybrid car, and I notice (finally) that yes hybrid cars are pretty silent.

Finally the gate opens! The cars move! I make my u-turn and get back on the road.

I laughed at myself for being such a dork.

At Petsmart though I bought a new canvas bag because I figure I go in there all the time, might as well have an official shopping bag. I have a trunkful of them, and I try to use them whenever I shop. It's a cool bag because it's colorful, sturdy, and 10% of the proceeds go to their pet charities. Mr. Dog approved.

And speaking of the bags, I'll end with the last stop on my shopping trip. Trader Joe's, where I stood flabbergasted and watched as the girl loaded all my refigerator items into a plain canvas bag, not the insulated one I have specifically for refigerated items. Stymied. I forgot to sign for the charge.