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Carving out some time

Sometimes it's hard being able to carve out time for my writing. It seems like ever since the first of August we've been on the go around here every weekend. I wanted to find time to get my next novel off the ground, and for that I need uninterrupted morning time. Once it's rolling (and thankfully it's rolling now) then I can plug away at it in spare moments.

It has a title now, Promises and Lies and it is a contemporary story about four men and how they find love. I'm happy to say the words have been flowing quite well. It will tie into a short story I submitted and had rejected. That story was 9,600 words, but it will likely be shaved down a bit from that amount. So far on the newer section I've logged 3,400 words.

While I was researching for it yesterday I found an interesting bit of information on the name "Rowena" (which is, of course, a pen name).

Rowena Name Meaning and History
(origin: Sax.) From Rouw, Dutch, peace, and rinnan, Saxon, to acquire. The name of the beautiful daughter of Hengist, a renowned leader of the Saxons, "who, having the Isle of Thanet given him by King Vortigern for assisting him against the Picts and Scots, obtained as much ground as he could encompass with an ox-hide, on which to build a castle, which being finished, he invited King Vortigern to a supper. After supper Hengist calls for his daughter Rowena, who, richly attired, enters the room with a graceful mien, with a golden bowl full of wine in her hand, and drinks to King Vortigern in the Saxon language, saying, 'Be of health, lord, king,' to which he replied, 'Drink health,' which, I think, is the first health we find in history, and claims the antiquity of about 1400 years. Vortigern, enamored with her beauty, married her, and gave her and her father all Kent."

This made me happy...as even though I know that Vortigern was an evil King...I've always been fascinated with him. Gives the name "Rowena" a new meaning for me. :)

And now I'll jump back into my writing.