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Submissions and New Contracts


I can be a very patient person, except when it comes to my books. So, here is a story about waiting, and how it sometimes drives me mad.

Book One: The King's Tale

Admittedly, I did not have any idea what to expect when I sent my first book off to a publisher. I read, and re-read, the website. It said I would expect a confirmation of receipt within 5 days. I can't remember the other time-frames, but all in all I expected I'd be waiting up to six weeks to hear if they wanted it. After I sent it off, I got a response 40 minutes later that they had received it! Back in those days they only wanted the first 25 pages of a manuscript from an unpublished author. Within two days they asked me for the full manuscript. During this time I spent a lot of time standing around waiting, literally. I stood at the front window of my kitchen and looked out at the street. I was nervous as a cat!

All told, it was two weeks and three days of waiting (17 days) and I had a contract! Now, I told myself this was probably not to be expected every single time, but it set a precedent that has since been my downfall.

Book Two: Silent Night

Of course, this isn't a book, it's a short story for the Christmas anthology, but I'll add it anyway. I waited three weeks and four days (25 days).

Book Three: Promises and Lies

This one was problematic. I sent it to the publisher as a short story, after 20 days they sent me a rejection! The reason was it didn't have a happy ending. At that time they were not accepting Bittersweet Dreams, so they simply didn't want a story without a happy ending. I decided to take the time to write it into a novel, since I already had all the ideas. I sent it again, 22 days later I got another rejection. A sane person would have given up, but I admit I'm not sane. I made revisions and sent it again. Six weeks later (42 days) I received a contract.

As a side note, this poor story was rejected and revised so many times. Lots of hiccups with this one, that's why it's my red-headed step-child.

Good readers summarize, so here's where we are so far:

The King's Tale -- 17 days
Silent Night -- 25 days
Promises and Lies -- 42 days

Book Four: Blue Moon

This was another hit and miss manuscript. The first time I sent it I waited four weeks and two days (30 days) for a rejection. I put it away and meant to never look at it again. But I liked the story, so after a year and three months, and lots of revisions, I sent it again. This time I only waited five weeks (35 days) before receiving a contract.

Book Five: The King's Heart

Waiting for word on The King's Tale turned out to be easy, it was a little over 2 weeks all together. Waiting for Promises and Lies was a trial. After four weeks I got to the tipping point where I raged to myself that I was "no good" and "why don't they just reject it already!" Maybe the rejections of both that book and Blue Moon led me to this point, I'm not sure. All I know is that when I sent this fifth book in I nearly gave up hope.

For The King's Heart, I waited six weeks and four days (46 days), the longest wait yet. During the last two weeks of the wait I had totally given up. I was close to just writing them a letter and asking them why it was taking so long to reject it!

Summary time:

The King's Tale -- 17 days
Silent Night -- 25 days
Promises and Lies -- 42 days
Blue Moon -- 30 days
The King's Heart -- 46 days

This brings me to my latest bout with submissions...

Book Six: Red Sunset

By now the guidelines on the publisher's website state: acknowledgement of receipt in five to seven days, final word in six to eight weeks.

I sent Red Sunset in, and by day seven I had no word of receipt. This was a difficult wait, because in all other cases I received word from them either the same day I made the submission, or the next day. Finally on day seven I sent them an email. Right away I received a response that yes, indeed, they did have it and an apology that they had neglected to inform me.

After that I told myself, "You will be waiting a full eight weeks to hear on this one, so go about your life and don't fret." At the five week mark, even though I still forbade myself to fret, I started checking my email more frequently. Six weeks came and went, still no fretting, but still a lot of checking. Maybe now...no. Now? No.

At the seven week mark I was fine one day, and sunk in despair the next. That's it, they're not accepting it. Of course, there were extenuating circumstances this time (a personal, family issue), but I let myself slide over the edge into despair. Four days after the seven week mark I got a contract for the book (53 days).

The King's Tale -- 17 days
Silent Night -- 25 days
Promises and Lies -- 42 days
Blue Moon -- 30 days
The King's Heart -- 46 days
Red Sunset -- 53 days

Thus, the end of the saga, and the good news that in April or May of 2013 Red Sunset will be published, the continuation of the story of Brad and Scott.

For future reference, I do plan a final book in The King's Tale series, and one day I hope to write another book for the Blue Moon series. My next project though is a Christmas story. Too late for this year, but I'll have it ready for next year's anthology (hopefully).


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Nov. 18th, 2012 07:47 pm (UTC)
Congratulations darling!! I can imagine wait times really get to you after a while :-). But you've got another published book coming out...go you!!!

Hugs :-)
Nov. 18th, 2012 08:04 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much! *hugs*

Waiting is hard for anyone I know. I'm just glad I did a better job of waiting this time ;)
Nov. 19th, 2012 10:40 pm (UTC)
Congratulations, dear, I'm so happy for you!

I can't wait to read the final book in 'The King's Tale'
Nov. 19th, 2012 10:55 pm (UTC)
It will come! I've written the prologue and part of the first chapter. I have a ton of notes. TBH, I was kind of disheartened at the lack of buzz over The King's Heart, so that moved the project to the back burner. But, it will be written eventually ;)
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