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Think about that for a moment.

I'm sure this is akin to opening a can of worms, but here goes anyway. I decided I want to keep track of all the books I read this year mainly because as I age I find my memory fails a little. I set up a separate Good Read account for this purpose. So far, all the books I've read have been for youngsters, but that okay because I like reading these books. I've read the whole Digger series (Ursula Vernon), a Jerry Spinelli (Eggs), and then I discovered Rebecca Stead.

I found the book When You Reach Me at a used book store, bought it for a dollar! It's a magical book! I left it a five-star rating, and even a very short review that said if I could give it more stars I would! After that I decided to read her other two books. Liar and Spy was good, just not as good as When You Reach Me. I left it a 4 star rating. Out of curiosity I scrolled through some of the ratings other users had posted for Liar and Spy. Bingo, I found a two star review that started with "I hate to give a low rating but..."

I've pretty much decided with this account I started to keep track of "books read in 2013" the lowest rating I'll leave is three stars. Honestly, I won't waste my time reading a "two star" book. In other words, if I'm disliking a book *that* much I'll stop reading it, and then not leave a rating at all. It's not because I don't want to hurt the author's feelings, it's because I still firmly believe that books are a personal thing. I don't decide which books to read by looking at what other people think about them. I'm not an authority on books, I just know what I like, and what I like might not be everyone's cup of tea.

What it comes down to this this, why do something you "hate" to do, i.e. leave a low rating. If you hate to do it, don't do it! It's not rocket science! Of course, I know why people do it, but far be it from me to step on anyone's toes.



I purchased several pictures like the one above to put on my Facebook page, but I've discovered some strange things about Facebook. I don't play on Facebook that often. Because of that, I think most people don't see my posts. Additionally, on my "fan" page, people don't tend to see the links I post, or the pictures I post. So in essence, the money I spent on these pictures appears to have been wasted. Pity, I bought these three dreamy medieval knights from Shutterstock, and they weren't cheap. At least I can share them here. Inspiration maybe.



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Mar. 3rd, 2013 03:35 pm (UTC)

I see your posts on FB & on the fan page (at least, I think. . .), but since it's a bit more intimate on FB, post the photos here :) They'll inspire me for sure!!

I agree with you about an almost 'double talk' way of doing things/leaving ratings, etc. If you hate to do something, just don't do it! Hurting oneself & others is something I've NEVER been a fan of!

I feel almost remedial in posting book reviews for authors anymore, mainly because there are so many book review sites, and they go into so much depth, I don't feel my reviews match up, or will be read by anyone to make any difference, or are even ridiculed. I have also wondered where to leave them---on GR, it's so strange on there sometimes. On FB/Twitter, there is, of course, not enough space to do so. On LJ, you can link back, but if your journal is friend-locked (like mine is), some people can't see the review. I have a Dreamwidth account, but I don't think people visit my accounts very often. As for reviewing for someone, I don't have much time these days and some of the guys & gals reviewing are doing so at 5-7 books a week, and I'm lucky to do so in a month with my schedule.

It's easier to 'like' something on FB or quick post on Twitter/Pinterest/etc than it is to really read and review something. If you 'hate' to do it, because that book wasn't really something that interested you, maybe save yourself the grief and switch to a book that you find out DOES interest you :)

Of course, I mean global you, NOT YOU, Rowena!


Mar. 3rd, 2013 04:47 pm (UTC)

I'm glad someone sees them! It seems like they don't get "seen" unless I pay to promote them, and I can only do that so much ^^

I hear what you're saying...and I agree with you on taking on reviewing in your "spare" time. I hardly have time to read, much less write reviews. The only reason I've read 11 books this year is because they're young adult books. If I had to write reviews for all of them I'd be hard-pressed to find the time.

As for 2 star ratings...the way I look at it I don't think Rebecca Stead is much bothered by them. When You Reach Me won the Newbery Award, I don't think she really gets bothered by random 2 star ratings. In fact, her books seem to have 4+ star ratings overall. Me, on the other hand, who has never won an award, and averages just slightly over 3 stars overall on GR...I get a little bothered by them. The only reason I look at my own books on GR is because I'm curious to see how they've affected people, or what people have to say. So, when I read a "I hate to give this book 2 stars..." it does kind of bother me. What's the point?

Anyway...I say you just keep doing what you're doing. Review when you want to, don't when you don't. I don't look at Dreamwidth (or have an account there)...and I keep thinking I need to abandon LJ for WordPress, but I haven't done that yet either.

At the end of the day, I'm fortunate to call you friend.

Mar. 3rd, 2013 05:13 pm (UTC)

I'm sorry I haven't commented on your posts like I should have. . . time, computer glitches, and just plain 'don't wanna' has gotten in the way :( I will strive to do better, because you ARE MY FRIEND and I want you to know that :)

I have a WP blog, but I can't really figure out how to link it to LJ, unless I just cut & paste :) I had a Blogger for so long, then when it went wonky, I went to TypePad, but it was expensive, so I changed to WP, and I haven't been sorry. My LJ has been around for as long as the Blogger, but had to change accounts a few years ago because my LJ was hacked by a bot :( I like DW because there aren't any bugs (yet) and it runs smoothly, and I can link it to my LJ.

WOW, when I write that, I have WAY too much going on :) Oh well. . .no one really reads my DW, WP, or LJ blogs much anyway, but it's a way to get thoughts outside of myself so I don't go postal ;)

xoxo Tame
Mar. 3rd, 2013 06:05 pm (UTC)
I can't figure WP out. I have a friend who keeps sending me articles about how to use WP, but I just don't take the time to read them unfortunately. I've been using the LJ platform for over 10 years, so I have it all figured out. The main reason I want to switch to WP is so that I can use my domain name...one of these days.

So far this year as been overwhelming, so I haven't been reading journals too awfully much. I'll try to get better at it though.

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