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Red Sunset

Red Sunset is the sequel for Blue Moon. Here are some facts about both books:

1. Both books are classified as "BDSM/Kink".

2. Neither book portrays a classic BDSM relationship. It is very clearly stated in Blue Moon that Brad likes things a little rough, and Scott is willing to give him what he wants.

3. It is clear they have a relationship with the "illusion of control".

4. Red Sunset has fewer sex scenes than Blue Moon, and I thought the sex was less kinky.

5. Red Sunset has a higher heat level than Blue Moon on ARe.

6. These are both books where nothing happens.

7. Although you can read Red Sunset without reading Blue Moon, I don't recommend it because you will lose aspects of the story.

8. I'm proud of both books, and I put a lot of time, effort, and heart into both of them. I like these men, and I like their story.

I'm only outlining these ideas because if you buy the book expecting a lot of hot and heavy BDSM, you will be disappointed.