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A mish-mash of things

First of all, Mistletoe Madness, the Dreampspinner Press Christmas Anthology 2009, is now available for pre-order here. The deal is this, order it during the month of October and the price for the daily dose is $39.99. That's 32 stories! One each day for the month of December, and a bonus for January first! During November the price increases to $49.99 which is still a steal for the quality stories you'll receive. After December first the stories will be available individually, or you can purchase a zip of all the stories for $64.99.

So, while I'm at it I'll throw in a plug for my contribution, "Silent Night." You'll be able to get that for $1.49 after the first of December. Here's the blurb:

A blizzard hits Detroit, and Jonah and Max, teammates on an independent wrestling promotion, find themselves stranded on Christmas Eve. Max has a steady mate at home, but he's longed for Jonah for years, so he's going to take this chance and prove to Jonah that he thinks he's a lot more than a muscle-bound pretty face.

And now for the rest of the hodge-podge.

I've recently been reading some DSP novels. If it's not high-end audio equipment then I'm not much of a reviewer, so I couldn't begin to review them. Suffice to say it's been an enlightening experience.

One of the books I'm reading is The Desire for Dearborne and I will say that I'm enjoying it. How couldn't I actually, since it's a Historical Romance, and those are what I live for (as evidenced by *my* first novel). Not only am I enjoying the love story, but all the Arthurian references really pique my interest. When the author mentioned the supposed unrequited love between Arthur and Launcelot I swooned! It took me back to all the King Arthur inspired novels I've read, most notably The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley where the supposed love was actually played out in a scene that nearly killed me with the sensuality.

But this brings me to a hot button. I've been advised to ignore it, or leave well enough alone, but like Leander Mayfield (one of the main characters in Dearborne) I don't like being told what to do ^^

It took me 3 years to write The King's Tale. Now granted, most of that time was because writing is not my profession. I teach, I help publish a magazine, I have a husband, a son, a house, and a dog to take care of. Writing gets fit into nooks and crannies, or when the inspiration strikes me. It wasn't my goal when I set out to write a novel, it was just a story that grew in my head.

After the first year and a half I had to go back and edit, change things, check with history books. It was my goal to make the story just like the historical romances I grew up reading, with the rather large exception that the main characters were men instead of a man and a woman. I did in fact research homosexuality during those days, and I know it was forbidden, in fact the punishment was death if it was discovered. V.B. Kildaire mentioned this in The Desire for Dearborne, I did not in The King's Tale. I blatantly ignored it because I suppose I was mostly writing a fantasy...a very historically accurate fantasy. I took liberties.

This gained me criticism in some cases. Sure, slough it off and go on, but I've always been the kind to let criticism eat at me. It was just, in my mind I didn't think a reader of historical romance (and I emphasize the fact that the book is a romance) would want to read about how the men had to keep things secret or face death. Sue me for being a true romantic that wanted to focus on the relationship more than the history. Perhaps I shouldn't have taken the pains to make it accurate, right down to the names of the "kingdoms"...but what is, is.

Now, this is not going to stop me from continuing Christopher and Dafydd's story. I'm in love with them, they warm me and inspire me. I have a first chapter of 2 different sequels written already. The first one, The King's Heart will deal with the aftermath of Dafydd's abduction. The second one, The King's Son will deal with Warin, and Anwyll's quest for vengeance.

Before that though it is my quest to write a contemporary romance. The funny thing about it is that it will involve four different men, and their struggles to make romance work. Problem? Two of them are about 8 to 10 years older than the others, and I've recently read that age differences in couples squicks some. What's a mother to do? It won't stop me...I'm not so daft that I don't believe that everyone wants the same flavor of tea. If age differences squick one then they will not enjoy Promises and Lies. I know I can't write the "perfect" story.

And one last thing. I just came in from watering the yard. That's good down time, smelling the earth and the sage, listening to the water. It reminded me of a little short story I wrote once, about two men washing a car. I might just work that one up as a DSP Daydream. We'll see.