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Red Sunset -- Excerpt

Warning, the excerpt below the cut is intended for mature audiences, and is explicit in nature.


True to his promise, Scott let himself into the apartment during the wee hours of Tuesday morning and found Brad curled up in bed, fast asleep. He stood for a moment looking at him, touched that Brad slept on his side of the bed. Tiredly, he shed his clothes, and as he walked around the edge of the bed to climb up behind him, Brad woke.

"Scott?" Brad turned, rose up on one elbow, and squinted in Scott's direction.

"Go back to sleep, Bradley," Scott said as he reached up to pull Brad down against him.

"Wait," Brad said, and he reached up to ease his thumb over the angry stitched-up gash on Scott's brow. "You okay?"

"Hush," Scott said, reaching up to pull Brad's hand down. "Ten stitches, nothing to get worked up over. Doesn't even hurt anymore."

Brad eased closer and tucked his head under Scott's chin. "I'm glad you're home."

Scott bent down and pressed his lips against the top of Brad's head. "I missed you."

Because it was still early, they both drifted back to sleep; anxieties and tense muscles eased through contact with one another beneath the covers.

It was late when they woke, and they shared a lazy conversation as they lay face-to-face in the bed, legs tangled together. When questioned, Brad said he had not made any calls overseas, but that it was still his plan to call Matsumara. Scott explained briefly that the brutality in his match with Bruiser was all planned, and Snyder had been pleased with the outcome. He also insinuated that Snyder had expressed a modicum of remorse at the need to release Brad from his contract, but just as Brad had expected, more of the smaller men had received their walking papers over the weekend.

"That's why," Brad said, "I need to call Matsumara soon. He likes me, and he knows my work ethic. But he won't bring me back if he's got a bunch of other new guys."

Scott sighed. "Do what you have to do."

Brad groped for Scott's hand and twined their fingers together. "It won't be forever."

No further words were spoken; Scott rolled atop Brad and bent down for a kiss. Talking wasn't needed as Scott communicated with his body the very reasons why Brad would be missed.

Over the next few days, they did all the normal things they would do during downtime at home. Scott ran errands and paid bills. Brad surprised Scott with a homemade pizza, blushingly explaining that one of the things he did while home alone was watch the Food Network.

Before long, the day came when Scott was set to leave for the next PCW circuit. Because that night's show was in Atlanta, he didn't need to leave until the early afternoon. After breakfast, Brad disappeared into the bathroom for a shower.

The bathroom in Scott's apartment was opulent. The maple cabinets and black granite countertops were more suited to a kitchen, but Brad liked the fact that the sink was higher than usual. The wood floor was covered with a fuzzy white rug that felt good between his toes.

After getting out of the shower, he looped a thick towel around his waist and wiped the steam from the mirror over the sink. Teeth brushed, he reached for his shaving cream, but before he could begin to lather his cheeks, Scott stepped into the steamy room. He was already naked for his shower. Brad watched him in the mirror.

Scott made eye contact, moved in behind Brad, and pressed against Brad's back. He trailed his fingers down the center of Brad's chest, tucked his hand in the towel, and tugged until it dropped away. Goose bumps peppered along Brad's arms as he felt the contact of Scott's already stiffening cock against his ass.

Maintaining the intimate contact, Scott took the can of shaving cream from Brad's hand and shifted him slightly so he was not standing directly in front of the sink. With gentle pressure, he eased Brad down against the smooth countertop until his cheek met the cool granite.

Scott kept one hand on Brad's shoulder and bent to press his lips against the back of his neck while he slid the drawer open on the other side of the vanity. Brad shivered, and his eyes slipped closed for a moment when he saw Scott had taken out lube and a condom.

Scott continued the kisses down the center of Brad's back, adding nips with his teeth, eliciting small gasps as Brad reached up to rest his arms on the counter. Scott kissed the globes of Brad's ass and extended his tongue to run down the crack.

When Scott rose, Brad eased up slightly, catching sight of him in the mirror. Without looking directly at him, Scott tangled one hand in Brad's hair and pushed him gently back down to the counter again.

The sound of the lube snapping open made Brad shiver and he closed his eyes. Scott bent down to rest his cheek against Brad's back as he rubbed slick fingers over Brad's puckered hole. When Scott pushed two fingers inside, Brad was unable to hold back a moan.

Scott kept his fingers threaded tightly through Brad's hair and wasted little time with the preparation. He tore the condom packet open with his teeth, eased the ring of latex out with his thumb, and slid it over his cock. Brad drew in his breath as he felt the wide head of Scott's erection press against him, and gave himself over to the exquisite bite of pain as Scott pushed in with one hard thrust.

As he gave Brad time to adjust, Scott kept his lips pressed against Brad's neck. Once Brad's tight muscles began to ease, Scott rose up and gripped his hips. He pulled out and pushed back in, setting up a lazy rhythm.

Brad reached down to grip his own member and tried to catch a glimpse of Scott over his shoulder.

"Remove your hand, Bradley," Scott said softly.

A hard shiver tore through Brad as he complied.

Scott undulated against Brad, kept his hand on Brad's hip, and watched himself slide in and out. When he angled his thrust and pushed in a bit harder, he saw Brad's knuckles curl on the countertop. At that point he moved his hand from Brad's hip to his cock and began to stroke.

Soon the sound of skin slapping skin filled the small room. Scott tightened his fingers in Brad's hair and pulled him up slightly so that they could see each other's eyes in the mirror. While increasing the pressure on Brad's cock slightly, Scott leaned closer and said, "Give me what I want. Let me watch you break."

With a strangled gasp, Brad pushed back hard against Scott and yelped when Scott pulled harder on his hair. As he came, he groaned softly. "Fuck, Scott…."

Feeling Brad's release, Scott rose up and pushed him back down against the counter. He shifted his hand from Brad's cock back to his hip and slammed against him until his own release tore through him. Once he had ridden out the waves, he leaned back down over Brad's prone body again, panting roughly as he felt the last twitches.

After a long moment, Brad said, "I'm going to Japan, Scott."

Releasing the tight grip in Brad's hair, Scott stood and slid out of him. He peeled the condom off and dropped it in the wastebasket. He turned, reached in, and flipped the faucet open to start his shower. Before stepping in, he looked back and made eye contact with Brad.

"I know," was his response, and he ducked into the shower.

With a sigh, Brad stood. This was the one thing that made it hard. He knew it was too soon to put this much distance between them, but he also knew he had no choice. He saw Scott standing motionless under the spray of water, and without hesitation, he lifted the shower curtain and stepped in to wrap his arms around Scott.

"I love you, Scott."

Scott twisted suddenly and held Brad close against him. There was a hint of anguish in his voice as he said, "I love you too."


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May. 31st, 2013 10:27 pm (UTC)
WOW!!! What a hot & sweet excerpt :) Whets my appetite for more (when I get a chance to sit down and devour this book)
Jun. 1st, 2013 12:19 pm (UTC)
Thanks! This was one of my favorite scenes to plan and write!
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