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A good day

I woke up to two good things today!

First of all I got a new reader review at Amazon, just after I told myself there would likely be no more reviews. For some reason, this review made me cry (in joy of course).

From the moment I read the first page of this book it sucked me in and never let me go. Besides portraying a touching love story this author achieved something which very few historical romances did for me. I felt as if I am truly visiting another era. I mean, I know she never gave us the exact time frame and the exact location, but it truly felt as Anglo Saxon middle ages to me. I do wonder if some traditions she describes were indeed true to real life, but even though I did not research this era, it felt to me as if it was.

And of course I found the love story to be simply fascinating and engrossing. I am also very impressed that she used a plot twist that I usually HATE with the capital H to create the tension between protagonists and I loved it.


Thank you so much! I still have the tears in my eyes!

I also received an anonymous review at Barnes and Noble:

This was a good read since I am interested in early century England. The characters were to the point. The plot was complicated, and I can see that several plot elements were left unsolved which may lead to a sequel.

To answer both...Lsynowydh is an actual place in Cornwall. It is the area where Tintagel (King Arthur's castle) is located. It is now called Lesnweth. And yes! There will be sequels!

The other good thing is that somehow, by the skin of my teeth most likely, I've made it to round two in the Rainbow Awards at elisa_rolle's journal!

Historical Fiction

Debut Fiction

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