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Random Observations

I'm still not writing yet. I somehow roped myself into participating in an art show. (this is where you would insert the emoji with eyes and mouth wide open). In this show, I was given a blank table to design as I see fit. I've designed it by writing my favorite sections of The King's Tale on it. It took me two days to do the writing, and I realized how nerve wracking it will be to have this table sitting in a show, with hundreds of people milling by it reading it, and me standing there watching. It's one thing to write in the privacy of your home, and send the writing off into the world for people to love (or hate) without you watching...well, you get it.

The part I chose to write is where Dafydd descends upon Sir Edward's keep and lays siege. This was after it was discovered that Edward, one of Christopher's subjects, has been spreading word that Dafydd is weak. I like this scene because it shows Dafydd's strength. I always wished I could write more of the battle, but I was satisfied with how this turned out. All the writing part is done, what remains is the inside, or shelf, of the table where I will recreate the scene with plastic medieval soldiers! And! I got some decorative grass on Amazon, shipped from Wales to complete the scene. Super cool.

In any case, I've been having trouble sleeping lately, for various and sundry reasons. So, this is the observation I made...I probably shouldn't write sequels. The King's Tale is far and away my favorite work. The sequel, The King's Heart, was not as well received. I encountered some people discussing the books on an Amazon discussion board one time, and the comments ran the gamut from, "How could she destroy my favorite story?" to "In the sequel everyone jumps from one bed to another, Marged, Christopher, and Dafydd." I was so disheartened. Well, I was hurt and offended. The worst part is, however, I still have another book in the series, The King's Son. I'm doubting myself now as to whether or not I should write it.

The other example is Blue Moon and Red Sunset. Blue Moon was well received, Red Sunset...not so much. In fact, the other day I ran across a review of Red Sunset that basically said, "What's the point of this story?" So, for the record, I've ditched the idea to write the 3rd book in that series, Purple Dawn.

But...this brings me back to my dilemma....I'm guessing the idea of me writing sequels is a bad idea.
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