The Magic of Lammas: My "bestseller"

I'm planning a much longer update sometime in the near future, but this is all I have the energy for today.

During the production stages for The King's Tale DSP was looking for submission for an anthology called Curious. It was aimed at getting women who were curious about m/m romance. I remember the first time I heard the term "slash" I was confused about what it meant. In my head I associated it with "snuff" so I thought "Well yeah! I'd never kill off one of my characters so I don't write slash!" Then I found out what it really meant, and I did become curious.

The first ever slash story I read was written for the La Femme Nikita fandom (where I was also writing het fanfic at the time). I'm talking the original version of this television show, with the hunky Roy DuPuis as Michael. I read this slash story, and it involved a shape-shifter. He/she was a man for Nikita, and a woman for Michael, until they all ended up in bed together and the shifter remained as a man. I was intrigued enough to search out other slash stories, and although I never wrote my own LFN slash, I began writing my own little stories that featured men.

So, when DSP was looking for these stories for Curious I decided to submit one of my King's Tale fanfics. :O Yes, I wrote fanfic for my own novel, is that crazy? It was a story about Lammas, and Marged was newly a member of the Lysnowydh clan. On Lammas night, Christopher and Dafydd included Marged in their feast of oysters, and somehow the three of them drifted back to the castle and slept together. Yes, I know, it sounds crazy now...but I had been curious about what it would be like, so I wrote it. Well, DSP was not crazy about the story...I guess it smelled like cheating, and in the end it's true...the love between Christopher and Dafydd is really way too strong for that kind of nonsense. But, they did suggest I re-work the story to omit Marged, and then it could be offered as a free companion story. The idea being that it would spark people to want to buy The King's Tale.

So now, four and a half years later, "The Magic of Lammas" is my all-time "bestselling" story. For four solid years it was on page one of the ARe Medieval bestsellers. A few months ago it dropped to page two, but it's roared back up to page one now. It's also on the bestseller list at DSP for their free-fiction category (the oldest story on that page). When I check my author account, it's shocking (to me anyway) how many copies are down-loaded.

I wonder if it does make people curious enough to then buy The King's Tale and The King's Heart? The only way I can judge it is that both books are still selling, so that's good, right? Like, it doesn't seem as though it's proportionate to the number of free downloads, but I'm not complaining!

On that note, I'm still posting The King's Heart WOW at Facebook. They changed the "embed post" feature, and I notice that all of them pretty much disappeared from this blog. There are links to them, but not a preview. I'm still noodling with my Wordpress account, but it's so confusing I haven't gotten very far yet. One of these days!

Story of my life, by Scott O'Doul [Blue Moon/Red Sunset]


I was born in Atlanta, Georgia on November 16, 1982. I was my parents' first child, and unfortunately my mother died before any more came along. I was two when she passed, and I hardly remember it more than a few shadow memories. My dad did alright by me, raised me and loved me, but I lacked the soft touch of a woman, of a mom. We lived an insulated life, and in my dad's mind no one was ever going to take the place of the woman he'd loved and lost. To change things up completely, he pulled up stakes and moved us to Kentucky, and we managed. Sometimes we struggled, but we always got by.

I've always heard me described as an enigma, and I think my dad knew that more than anyone. Most of the time he didn't understand me. I was tough as nails, the first one into a fight, and the last man standing when it was over. But, I was a homo, and that part he just didn't understand. Not at first. See, I always knew it, there was never any confusion. Even when people, dad included, tried to tell me it wasn't right, I knew it was. Took him a long time to come to terms with it, but in the end he finally told me I was his son, and that was all that mattered. Guess he didn't want anything to come between me and him, and since I was so adamant he finally caved.

In high school I was on the wrestling team, and did all right at it. I was kind of a loner, so individual sports like wrestling were better for me. People told me I should go out for football, but it never interested me. After high school I took a few classes at the JC, but higher education and me didn't mix quite right. I liked learning, just not the rigid structure of school. When I dropped out I started hanging out at the gym. One thing lead to another, and before long I transitioned over to the local wrestling crew. Saturday night shows in front of a hundred rednecks fueled a need inside me, a need to shine. Maybe I was always searching for adulation, I don't know.

When I met Ryan I guess I fell head over heels for him. Things were different then, I was open and trusting, and he was flat out beautiful. And fun-loving. Hell, I could come up with a list of adjectives from now until next week to describe all the things I felt about him. I gushed it right out after the first night we hit the sack together. He laughed, and I thought it was endearing. Thought my life was set. There's a lot of different ways you can have your heart broken, and I try not to spend a lot of time thinking about it, but seeing him give it up for someone else, seeing it with my own eyes. Yeah, I don't want to go there anymore. After that, I locked away that part of my soul. I changed. For worse or better? Who the hell knows, I was just looking out for me.

Without the distraction of love, or whatever you want to call it, I put all my focus into my craft, my career. Once I did that it was an easy step from point A to point B, to the big leagues. Progressive Championship Wrestling was the last rung on the ladder. I made a name for myself, and I cemented my place in the company. In it for life. There were plenty of one-night stands down at the bar, I never wanted the distraction of having someone steady.

All that changed when I laid eyes on Bradley Fraser. Of course, in the beginning I just watched him. His easy manner, his charm, his sense of adventure, all that shone through. You only had to look at him and get under his spell. Tell you what, no one was more surprised than me when I decided I had to take him under my wing. And, I held him at arm's length for as long as I could. I sure as shit wasn't going to let anyone get under my skin again.

As time went on though I dropped my guard. Bradley began to worm his way into my life completely. Should have known from the beginning when I asked him to move in. I heard the alarm bells in my head, but I ignored them. I needed him. Not sure what the future holds for us, well I know what I want but I'm so used to locking that shit up I don't even admit it to myself. All I do know is this: Bradley and I fit together. We belong with each other.

This was the first. The bio of Brad will be next, but for some reason he's not as clear in my head as Scott was. I've got the bare bones of his bio, and maybe when I start writing it more will come.

If you have any questions for Scott you can leave them in comments and I'll see if I can get him to answer them. No promises though ;)